What to Wear to Watch the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is not just another football game. A win in this game calls for a nation-wide party. For many, watching a super bowl is an amazing time to spend with their family and friends. However, this year you might experience a different party that may be on zoom, who knows! Whether it is on zoom or not, the prime question that is stuck in everybody’s head is what to wear? 

Super Bowl is approaching fast and you should decide your outfit as soon as possible. We have got a bunch of outfit ideas for you to up your game this year. 

Outfit Ideas for the super bowl this year:

  • Cute and sporty outfit: Yes you can look cute and sporty at the same time. Grab a comfortable pair of leggings along with a sweatshirt, you can even wear a cropped sweatshirt if you want. To complete the look wear a pair of matching or contrasting sneakers. This is a sporty yet cute outfit perfect for super bowl 2021.
  • Say hello to jeans: A pair of jeans can make you look properly dressed. You can get a pair of comfortable high waisted jeans and top it up with football mom shirts, sweatshirt or a plain tee. Also, get yourself a pair of white sneakers- you can never go wrong with them. Complete the whole look with a cute cap that will add a sporty touch to your comfy yet stylish outfit.
  • Throw a jacket or a blazer to look classy: If you want to pull that sporty look that you have been dreaming about. Just throw a blazer or a jacket on your activewear suit. Complete the look by grabbing a pair of matching boots. This outfit will take your look to another level this year.
  • The perfect outfit for the neutrals: Maybe you are not a hardcore football fan and you just want to have fun with your group while watching commercials, eating wings or you are just in for a halftime show. Keep it simple by throwing on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans or pants with a cute cap. 

Not very sporty or casual this outfit is perfect for neutrals. Another outfit idea for the neutrals is a pair of distressed jeans with a plain white tee.

Take this outfit to another level by adding a long cardigan sweater. Finally, complete your look by wearing a fur-lined bootie. This is perfect for the ones who are just here to grab some nachos and hang out with their friends.

  • Outfit for the hardcore football lover: In case you are a hardcore fan then here is an outfit idea for you. You can incorporate the signature colours of your team in your outfit. 

Besides, if you want you can keep things simple by accessorising yourself with maybe a good luck necklace.

  • Outfit for the ones who are here for halftime: If you are someone who wants to attend only half of the show then try to keep it casual. A hoodie or a sweatshirt over flats will do good.

 Keep your outfit simple and comfortable. You can throw in a pair of jeans to complete the look.

  • Keep the team spirits high with this outfit: Get a logo t-shirt and pair it with washed denim and low sung mules. You can even top up the outfit with a matching coat.
  • Cute and classy: To look super cute and classy at the same time wear a pair of comfortable track pants with a matching hoodie or sweatshirt along with cherry sneakers and of course a matching cap or hat.
  • Keep it cosy: Another great outfit idea for the ones who want to keep it cosy is a pair of high waist jeans with a cool sweatshirt. Give a twist to your outfit by adding some heeled booties.

Don’t forget the mask!

The Super Bowl will be different this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Whatever outfit you choose just make sure that you take all the safety precautions and don’t forget your mask. You can wear a mask that compliments your outfit so that you can stay safe and in style.

These were some trendy outfits that you can wear and rock even in the pandemic.