Wedding Invitation Ideas you'll Love

Weddings are always a special occasion where two hearts meet to spend a life together. For the majority, a wedding comes but once in a lifetime, and thus it is worth it to invest every iota of initiative and creativity behind it. People have dreams concerning their wedding that they wish to fulfil. Such dreams start with the wedding plans, and the initiatives decided on. Everything finds inception through the wedding cards sent out to the guests as an invitation to the wedding.

Couples wish to have a wedding card that will stand out amidst the crowd and draw a lot of attention owing to its uniqueness and state-of-the-art look.  Other than that, details such as the official wedding hashtag, venue, and proper attire should be indicated in an elegant manner Are you worried about finding the right wedding invitation cards that will match your dreams? The following ideas will help you figure out the best option and get a hold of the idea for your dream wedding invitation.


Alluring Florals

Alluring florals are one of the most elegant wedding invitation designs out there, where floral designs overarch the sides of the card. The flowers of different colours make the card flamboyant and leave glitter in the eyes of the viewer. The text concerning the details of the bride and groom will find a place in between, with neat and clean handwriting. 

You can customise the card’s handwriting, colour, and design as per your whims.

Hexagon Botanicals

Wanting a wedding card design that graces the picture of you and your lovely partner? The Hexagon botanical is a perfect design that carries a picture of the couple in a hexagonal space outlined by leaves. You can customize the shape of the card, the colour, and the designs within. The wedding details will find a place below the gracious picture.

Opaque Love

Why just have a photo in the middle and not the whole space of the card? Opaque love proves to be a great design that allows the couple invites guests with beauty and elegance. Here, a picture of you and your partner will feature faded on a greyish background, just like a watermark does. On top of the picture will be the details about the date and venue of your auspicious day. 

Ornate Calligraphy Clear

Do you want a simple yet luxurious wedding card for inviting people? Well, the Ornate calligraphy clear wedding invitation must be your choice. The elegant border designs on top of greyish paper look flamboyant. All the wedding details, including the names, time, wedding venue, etc., will get a place on the card, written in flamboyant calligraphy. You have the option to choose any colour and any calligraphy designs that appeal to you. 

Standing Ovation Foil Seal And Send

There is no shortage of options when you decide to have something unique for your wedding invitation card design. The standing ovation foil seal and send is one of the unique ones. 

It looks rectangular and dawns a luxurious velvet paper for mentioning the details. The curvy sides and borders accompany the unique floral designs that make any heart flutter with excitement. There is also an RSVP tear-away portion that will include the address of the people inviting. Consequently, there is no need for an envelope when you have such a card for inviting people. Just drop it in the mailbox, and the job gets done.

Floral Nouveau Foil

The Floral Nouveau foil features a perfect testament of the Victorian style, bejewelled with gold foil. The rich black background adds to the glitz, giving a luxurious facelift to the gold foil borders. The vintage design will feature all the details, starting from the names at the top to the venue and timings at the bottom. What else could be a classier choice than this?

Fairytale Leaves

Another elegant design that reflects flamboyance amidst simplicity is the Fairytale Leaves design. The card will be a testimony to your growing love for your lovely partner over the years. Two vines join in from both sides, offering a shade to the letters written below. You can customize the design, outlay, and everything according to your wishes.

Above are just a few designs to mention. Numerous wedding invitation designs will leave you in awe. So, get hold of your dream invite and let it sail.