10 Ways to Style Your Favorite Vintage Tees

Thrift stores are overflowing with vintage t-shirts that you can grab for next to nothing. But, if you’re anything like me and have a hard time deciding what to wear in the morning, this might not be such a good thing. Various online platforms sell the best quality cheap vintage t-shirts. Here are ten ways I style my favorite vintage tees, so I never have an outfit dilemma again!

Let’s take a look at these ten styling ways.


1. Vintage Top with straight-leg jeans

A vintage top with straight-leg jeans is a classic look that never goes out of style. The tee adds incredible texture to the outfit and draws attention to your face, making you stand out. This look is perfect for a date night or quick errand run with friends. Pair the jeans and tee with pointed-toe pumps to amp up the glam factor!

2. With a pair of wide-leg jeans tucked in

This outfit is the perfect balance of casual and trendy, making it an excellent option for a Saturday brunch with friends or an afternoon at the mall. A pair of wide-leg jeans tucked in shows off your shoes without being too tight around your ankles, giving you more room to walk and strut confidently!

3. Under a power suit

It’s a summer day, and you can feel the heat bouncing off your skin. You want to dress excellent but also presentable for your big presentation, so what do you do? The answer is simple: layer! Throw on a power suit jacket with an embroidered blazer or tuxedo + pair it with some sleek black jeans, and you’ll be cool, calm, collected, and ready to wow at your meeting.

4. Rocked with an oversized denim jacket

Ever since the oversized denim jacket trend has come around, we’ve been rocking ours with everything from vintage tees to white button-downs. With an oversize sweater and a pair of jeans or shorts, this is one laid-back vibe that will never go out of style!

5. A fitted pant adds a touch of glam

Wear fitted pants, such as jeans or black leggings, with some booties and an oversized tee. Combining the three pieces creates a relaxed glam look that’s perfect for both day and night!

6. Sized up with bike shorts

The vintage tee with bike shorts is a casual look that pairs well with sneakers or heels. The color of the bike shorts should match or complement the color of your shirt, but don’t be afraid to mix and match colors for a bolder outfit!

7. Pair with a delicate skirt

Vintage t-shirts are the perfect base for a simple day outfit. Pair with your favorite denim or skirt, and you’re set! The most fuss-free way to wear this look is by pairing it with a delicate skirt that billows out over the top of the shirt. This creates an elegant, feminine vibe without being too much all at once.

8. Couple It with distressed shorts

This is a great, lazy look: wear your favorite vintage t-shirt with distressed jeans or shorts. Pair it with lace-up sneakers, and don’t forget to accessorize!

9. Pair It With A structured blazer and trousers

Matching your t-shirt to a structured blazer and slacks is one of the quickest ways you can complete any outfit. The look will work best when pairing with dark colors, but feel free to experiment!

10. Dressed up with leather

Dressed up with leather, this tee is perfect for dressing down a skirt. Wear it under a blazer for an effortless look that will have you looking effortlessly chic!

The Bottom Line

The best way to wear a cheap vintage t-shirt is simple styling tricks like layering or wearing it under a blazer. We hope that this guide helps you in enhancing your style with vintage t-shirts.