Ultimate Guide in Choosing Quinceanera Dresses

For Hispanics, a girl’s Quinceanera is one of the most important days of her life. The phrase ‘Quinceanera’ is derived from the Latina words ‘15’ and ‘years.’ It’s typically a 15-year-old girl’s birthday party. But for Hispanics, it’s a rite of passage that symbolizes the coming of age and transition into womanhood. The tradition mainly comprises of two parts, a religious ceremony, and the reception. During this event, two symbolic gestures happen:

*Last doll gift

*Change of shoes

The girl is presented with her last toy, which represents her exit from childhood, and the father changes her flats for heels to symbolize her first step into adulthood. The father also gets the honor of having the first dance.

The Quinceanera dress nj is the starring garment in the girl’s Quinceanera party. With eye-popping color palettes, favored hues, and decorations enhancing the garment’s magnificence, it will make for a memorable day as the birthday girl shines brightly like royalty and is the center of attention. Choosing the right Quinceanera dress can prove very stressful and overwhelming, especially with the wide selection of styles and colors available. However, it can be a memorable and fun experience if you know what you’re searching for.

There are a variety of factors that may influence the selection of a Quinceanera dress. Here’s a guide you can use to choose the perfect Quinceanera dress: 

Know Your Budget

Before you begin dress shopping, talk it out with your parent(s) or guardian to establish the budget that will be allocated. Knowing how much you’ll have will assist in streamlining the search. The average cost for gowns ranges from $250 to $1,000. The dress’s cost will vary depending on the design, fabrics used, and the girl’s size. The less costly fabrics include tulle and chiffon, while the high-end fabrics are satin, taffeta, organza, and silk. The gown’s cost will also be determined by whether you’re having the dress custom-made, off-the-rack, or renting. 

Know Your Body Type

One thing about choosing the perfect Quinceanera dress is that it has to match with your body type. Your figure really needs to come out. There are basically four body types of a girl: pear, apple, ruler, and hourglass. Popular options include empire dresses, A-line Silhouette dresses, Trumpet & Mermaid dresses, sheath, princess, and dropped waist dresses.

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Choosing Flattering Color

Although traditional quinceanera dresses are light pastel or white, contemporary dresses come in a myriad of colors decorated with elaborate details and sequins. Fashion and tradition can still combine for this joyous occasion. There are many colors available that may appeal to your palette. Guidelines that can assist in your decision making include:

-Match to your personality. For the shy girl; mint green, pale pink, and baby blue are ideal. For the outgoing gal; dark rose, golden yellow, and bright berry. The Bold lady is personified by magenta, purple, and red.

-Symbolic. Red represents enthusiasm and confidence. Blue depicts composure and calmness. Green exudes self-reliance and independence. Pink is for the affectionate kind. White is more traditional, depicting innocence and purity.     

When it comes to the color dress you select, you aren’t constrained by convention. There are no predetermined rules for the dress color you choose. 

Test Comfort Level

Don’t fall prey to the norm of going for fashion as opposed to comfort. It will be a very day and active night. The last thing you want is being incapable of dancing, sitting, or moving around gracefully at your own party. Compromising on your comfort level is only a mixture of disaster and frustration. All you will be thinking about is for the night to end to free yourself from the dress’ restraints. Make sure to try out as many dresses as possible till you find that perfect fit.

Seek Advice From A Trusted One

Having another eye approving or having an opinion on the dress you pick always helps. So it doesn’t hurt taking along a trusted advisor for your Quinceanera dress hunt. Your trusted advisor can either be your sister, best friend, or mother. It goes without saying; it preferably has to be a female who has gone through the process again. Their input can prove integral to your dress selection. 

Since your Quinceanera will only happen once, you’ll have to make it count and ensure the dress is perfect. You want to appear your best in front of family and friends in attendance on the big day. It will forever be a very special you live to tell and show your kids and grand kids with videos and photographs as memorabilia. That is why this Ultimate Guide in Choosing Quinceanera Dresses is important to consider if you want the special day to be memorable and spectacular. Ensuring you have gotten the dress part nailed is one indicator that the day will be successful.

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