5 Things You Need In Your Handbag This Monsoon


Hello Monsoon!!!

Rain-God has finally graced us with his presence and it sure is a happy respite from the crazy heat. It is therefore essential to be well prepared in case you are heading out. There is a happy bunch of monsoon essentials that you ‘have to’ have in your handbag.

1. Umbrella

Stating the obvious but yes, carry a foldable umbrella is more than necessary when you are going out on a rainy day. With so many fancy printed and clear umbrellas options to shop from, a funky umbrella will only look like a happy accessory to carry around. It can also shield you from that unannounced sunlight that can crawl through from between those dense monsoon clouds.

2. Waterproof Makeup

Goes without saying but it a girl’s worst nightmare to have her foundation and eyeliner run when it rains. Invest in some trusted basic makeup in waterproof version and avoid looking like a panda after a rainy day. They can also be handy for quick touch-ups.

3. Sanitizer

Monsoon is an open invitation for house-flies and germs to get everywhere! Instead of being a frowny person about it, it would be excessively smart of you to carry a sanitizer. Have a go at it before eating or transporting in public means of transport. You know, just to be safe!

4. Spare Shoes

Buy a pair of bright and cheap water-resistant footwear and carry a pair with you all the time. Flats and Boots made of the PVC plastic material and the trusted type that will last you throughout the rainy season.

5. Facial Wipes/Tissues

To wipe off the dust that blows up on your face and clothes without notice, you will need some wipes or dry tissues. They are also a handy carry-on incase you forget your sanitizer and have to wash your hands every other time.

Apart from the obvious list above, if you have a little more space in that bulging handbag of yours, go ahead and make sure you carry a compact raincoat and a constant bottle of water.

There! We hope this covers you for the season and has you monsoon ready