7 Things to Do in a Day to Energize Your Day

Your day is packed with a number of activities related to work, home and family. So, you need to stay on your toes throughout. However, have you felt that your energy levels start dipping within a couple of hours after you wake up? Well, chances are that you are not doing something right.

You can stay energized and give your best to all your activities and chores by keeping in mind a few things and incorporating them in your life without fail. Here are 7 things that you need to do to stay and feel energetic through the day.

Eating Breakfast

Time and again, doctors and health experts have stressed on the importance of having a proper breakfast. Your breakfast should contain whole grains, eggs, dairy products and fruits. This will instill your body with energy and take care of the unexplained cravings that tend to crop up during the pre-lunch hours.

Keep a Check on Caffeine Intake

Agreed, that you need a shot of caffeine to kick start your day. However, piling up on caffeinated drinks can actually hinder your sleep cycle and render you with lower energy levels. Also the energy that caffeine gives is short lived. So, it would be a good idea to cut down on the number of cups of tea or coffee you have in a day.

Regular Exercise

If you thought that only overweight people need to exercise, think again. Exercising can actually improve the energy levels of your body and keep you alert throughout the day. What’s more, exercising on a regular basis will boost your immunity and reduce you being susceptible to various diseases.


During the day, you tend to lose water from your body. If you don’t compensate this loss, you are bound to feel tired. So, make sure that you drink lots of water in the day. Never overlook your thirst. Also keep sipping on water throughout the day even if you do not feel thirsty.

Snack Healthy

No matter how hard you try you might feel hunger pangs during the course of the day. Reaching out for a packet of crisps or sugary treats is definitely not a good idea. Junk foods [3] are high in calories that can make you feel drowsy and tired. What’s more, they lead to weight gain in the long run. So, to allay your hunger pangs, opt for salads and nuts which are a much healthier option.

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Eating on Time

Plan your meal timings and stick to them diligently. Any delay in meal times can reduce the sugar levels in your body and make you lethargic and tired. Thus it is important that you try to have your meals on time. In case there is an impending delay, it would be a good idea to munch on fruits or salad.

Getting some ‘Me’ Time

It is important that you keep aside some time in the day to do things that you love doing the most. This would help you relax and unwind. What’s more, these activities will revive you with renewed energy[4] and help you to look forward to another tough day.

Getting enough sleep and rest is also important to stay energized through the day. Make sure that you sleep[5] for at least 8 hours in a day. Making a few lifestyle changes is all you need to do to feel energetic throughout the day.