The Truth About Bargain Hair Transplants In Turkey

In the past few years, despite an overall decline in tourism due to security concerns, Turkey has become a destination for medical tourists seeking hair-transplant procedures. In FUE – follicular unit extraction, hair transplantation is the process of removing hair from the donor part of the patient’s head and replanting it onto the balding area.

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are often attractive to potential patients because of all-inclusive package deals. These deals are akin to a regular holiday, with airport transfers and accommodation included, making it an tempting proposition for those looking to save money.

Many clinics advertise to potential British customers online and via social media. Google ‘hair transplant’ and a package provided in Turkey will probably be your first result. Often, they contain fake reviews from unreal patients with other clinic’s before and after photos.

Why Are Hair Transplants Cheaper In Turkey?

There are various reasons why hair transplants are lower-priced in Turkey, not just to do with the lower costs of day-to-day living. As the demand for hair transplants is high, clinics often cut costs to offer competitive deals. By doing this they sacrifice safety and quality in the process and hire under-qualified staff to keep up with demands and keep costs down.

There are, of course, legitimate clinics in Turkey with licensed doctors and surgeons. Unfortunately, there are many more that are staffed by poorly-trained technicians with little or no medical background.

There is a legal requirement in Turkey for hair transplants to be carried out by a qualified surgeon, but this is disregarded by many clinics. There have been cases where patients have an online consultation with a doctor but will actually be operated on by a technician OR nurse instead.

A Hair Transplant Isn’t The Time For A Holiday

A reputable surgeon will advise you to protect your scalp from direct sunlight exposure for at least two weeks following the FUE hair transplant procedure.This negates the idea of combining a holiday with your hair transplant. Sitting in a hotel room listening to the sounds of holiday makers by the pool wouldn’t be most people’s idea of a good time. After a procedure, there may be aftercare, making it difficult to have the transplant at the end of your break before returning to the UK.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

One of the main factors driving the surge in transplant-tourism is price. Turkey’s hair restoration procedures can cost between £500 – £1,5000, a far cry from the rates in UK clinics. It’s easy to see why it may be tempting for people to have the procedure abroad.

However, we all know the saying, ‘You get what you pay for.’  When it comes to your body, it’s never worth taking the risk.

How Does The Black Market Of Hair Transplant In Turkey Affect Professional Clinics?

Unethical hair transplant clinics, offering low costs, have damaged the careers of some professional clinics that are practising safely in Turkey

Many black market clinics have agencies in the target countries to gain the trust of their patients. They are paid on a commision basis creating tough sales tactics and overpromising results.

Are Hair Transplants Safe in Turkey?

In the hands of a qualified surgeon, hair restoration procedures can transform your hairline giving you a fuller, healthier growth. Unfortunately, there have been cases of Turkish clinics entrusting a nurse or technician to perform the surgery instead of a qualified, professional surgeon.

The biggest risk for a patient undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey is having an unsuccessful operation with some of the most common complications being:

  • Serious scarring
  • Proper hygiene rules not being followed meaning patients suffer from Infections
  • Follicles could be implanted in an unnatural way
  • Overharvesting – where too much hair is removed from the donor area
  • Poor hair growth

There is a lack of Aftercare in Many Turkish Clinics

Although your surgeon will probably speak English, it’s feasible that the rest of their support and aftercare teams won’t. Surgeons have a team of transplant technicians to work beside them and being able to communicate your requirements with them will be critical post operation.

Once you are back in the UK, if you need any aftercare issues resolving, there won’t be the opportunity. It’s not convenient or cost effective to jump back on the plane to revisit your surgeon. 

Consequences of a Poorly Performed Hair Transplant

Greg Williams is president of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS) and one of the UK’s most senior hair-transplant surgeons. He says many patients come to him after poor transplants carried out overseas.

Many clinics claim the transplant is guaranteed. However, with surgery you can’t possibly give any form of guarantee. It’s just not ethical.

Hair Transplants in the UK

Every year, thousands of men go to Turkey for hair transplants and maybe don’t mind a few corners being cut. Nonetheless, those lured in by cheap prices and over-ambitious marketing claims may end up regretting it for years.

Look for the reassurance of a surgeon who is registered with the General Medical Council and are members of ABHRS, The World FUE institute and the Care Quality Commision. Enhance Hair Restoration has clinics throughout the UK and have board-certified surgeons who continue to maintain their certification.

As members of, or recommended by renowned institutions, Enhance Hair Restoration commits to a global discipline of cosmetic surgery and medicine for the benefit of patients and practitioners.

Disclaimer: Before doing anything please consult your doctor.