7 Super Easy Hairstyles to Go With Any Occasion

Are you always rushing out the door, running late for a class, meeting, or appointment? 

If so, it’s time to add some easy hairstyles to your beauty arsenal so you can look your best in just a matter of minutes.

Whether you have hair extensions or your natural hair, here are some low-risk, high-reward hairstyles that will make you feel like you’ve spent hours at a salon instead of a few minutes in front of a mirror: 

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The Braided Top Knot

For a naturally textured look, start this hairstyle with unwashed hair. You’ll have more grip if you haven’t washed your hair in a day or two. Gather your hair in the crown to create a high ponytail, then brush the hair downwards to remove tangles and tame flyaways.

Separate the ponytail into two sections. Braid each section and tie the ends using elastics. Wrap the ends of the braids around each other to form a bun and secure it with bobby pins. If the bun is too tight, pull it apart to loosen it up for a slightly less formal finished look.  

The Halo Braid

Brush your hair to remove any knots and tangles. If you have newly-washed hair, spritz in some texturizing spray for easier styling.

Divide your hair into three sections and start a Dutch braid. Continue the braid along your hairline until you reach the back, then transition into a regular braid. 

Wrap the braid around your hair to form a halo, and secure the end of the braid with bobby pins. You can loosen the braid slightly to add softness.  

The Low Ponytail 

Start by working some texturizing spray into your hair. Then, pull it all back into a low ponytail, securing it with an elastic. Pull a couple of strands loose on both sides. 

Tease the hair near the crown to add volume. Cover up the elastic with a ribbon and create a simple bow to finish off the look. This style looks great with simple ponytail hair extensions, as well.

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The Half-Up Half-Down

If you can’t decide between a ponytail or loose hair, why not do both? The half-up half-down look is stylish and chic, without the effort that a full updo requires, and it looks extra full and beautiful with clip-in hair extensions.

Brush or finger-comb hair to remove tangles. Pull the top portion of your hair to create a half ponytail and secure it with an elastic.

Once half your hair is pulled back, you have lots of options for finishing off the look. For instance, you can create a half messy bun or a half-up braid to style the upper half of your hair.

For a sleek and formal look, keep the ponytail tight and secure. If you’re after more of an undone, texturized style, pull down a few loose tendrils.

The Side Swept

Whether you’re going on a date or to a formal party, the side swept hairstyle is stylish yet easy enough to do on your own. Get this stunning look simply by parting your hair on the side!

First, blow dry your hair, then comb it using a paddle brush. Put the curling iron to work and create curls in the same direction. Create a deep side part for a dramatic effect, and mold the curls into place. Add hairpins on the side to keep the hair swept back, and finish off with hairspray.

The Undone Bun 

Start with a texturizing spray and then tie an elastic near the ends of your hair to create a low ponytail. Put the ends in the elastic halfway through.

Wrap the remaining loose hair around the base of the ponytail, then secure the bun with bobby pins. You can let some of the hair loose out of the bun for a more laid back look.

The Easy Chignon

This style is perfect for unwashed hair. If your hair is newly washed, use texturizing spray to make it less slippery. Twist the hair from the nape down to its ends, then coil it around the back of your head to create a bun. 

Secure the bun in place with bobby pins. Gently pull the hair from the bun for more volume and dimension. As a final step, spritz on hairspray all over the hair.  

Many of us have busy schedules and don’t have a ton of free time in the morning to dedicate to our hair. With these effortless hairstyles, you can look put-together in less than ten minutes and still make it out the door on time!

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