Stick on Removable Wallpaper Makes Home DIY Project a Breeze

Whether it’s glossy paneling or a colorful wall decal – you can transform any room from mundane to magnificent by decorating its walls. For years, people have used traditional wallpapers to decorate their living rooms and bedrooms. However, using traditional wallpaper is becoming more difficult every year.


The Problems with Traditional Wallpapers

Although traditional wallpapers have served homeowners well for many decades, they’re just not ideal for the modern-day homeowner. Modern-day homeowners want and need to keep up with the latest interior décor trends. With permanent wallpapers, achieving new looks (without breaking the bank every few months) is virtually impossible.

Plus, traditional wallpapers aren’t DIY-friendly at all. Getting traditional wallpapers installed means spending a significant sum of money on professional wallpaper installation services. Installing traditional wallpapers in a DIY fashion comes with various risks. Their patterns need to be well-aligned and matched with the wall. Doing so requires impeccable accuracy.

Here are some other reasons why modern-day homeowners don’t prefer using traditional wallpapers –

  • Installing traditional wallpapers is more expensive than getting paint jobs.
  • Once installed, traditional wallpapers are difficult to remove.
  • Traditional wallpapers are difficult to maintain, especially in damp weather.
  • In damp weather, the edges of the wallpaper often separate from the wall; they need to be reattached by professional installers every monsoon season.
  • The fragile types of traditional wallpaper get easily affected by sunlight and burn out very quickly.

Are traditional wallpapers worth the money? Not according to most modern-day homeowners who are opting for less expensive and less permanent wall decorating projects.

  • Alternative Wallpaper Solutions That Make Home DIY Projects a Breeze

Unlike traditional wallpapers, stick-on removable wallpaper is far more user-friendly. If you want an easy way to customize your home’s décor without committing to permanent changes, these new-age wallpapers are ideal for you. Peel and stick wallpapers are not only cheaper, but they also offer these key advantages –

Ease of Application

As stated above, installing expensive traditional wallpapers is impossible without professional assistance. The same can’t be said about the latest peel-and-stick wallpapers in the market. These wallpapers are typically made of vinyl and come with adhesive backings. Users can easily apply them to different types of surfaces – even raw concrete!

  • The adhesives in peel and stick wallpapers are less abrasive than the adhesives in traditional pre-pasted wallpapers. They don’t cause any damage to the surfaces upon removal or application.
  • Homeowners don’t have to use water to apply their peel and stick wallpapers on walls.
  • They don’t need to deal with messy paste as they only have to pull each strip away from the wall during un-installation.

Short Term Projects

The new-age peel and stick wallpapers are easy to apply and remove. That means you can launch different types of DIY home décor projects every year. Go for polka dot wallpapers in the spring and something more festive during the Christmas months. With peel and stick wallpapers, experimentation becomes so much easier.

The latest peel and stick wallpapers are also ideal for staging homes. Want your property to look pitch-perfect for potential buyers? Transform the entire look of each room in the house within hours by applying peel and stick wallpapers to the walls. Freshen up your interior décor as many times you want without spending too much money.

Exciting Style, Texture, and Pattern Options

The peel and stick wallpaper is booming at the moment. Many homeowners who like to launch DIY décor projects in their free time are buying peel and stick wallpapers of different styles, textures, patterns, colors, and finishes. From smooth matte to classic polka dot – the options are limitless when you’re searching for peel and stick wallpapers that resonate with your heart.

You can even combine peel and stick wallpapers of different styles, textures, and patterns to create your own unique wallpaper designs. Peel and stick wallpapers are low-cost and experimentation-friendly. For example, you can combine peel and stick wallpapers with textured canvas with wallpapers with linen fabric texture to create something unique.  

Start Experimenting! 

DIY home projects and peel and stick wallpapers are meant for each other. In the past, customizing rooms or entire interior spaces meant spending big money. With cost-effective peel and stick papers, practically anyone can attempt to become an interior décor expert!