Steps to Go Vegan with Organic Clothing

Vegan fashion might’ve been a distant reality ten years ago, but now, with the growing realization of climate change and cruelty-free fashion, a multitude of young people are choosing vegan apparel. Vegan fashion is definitely more than just a “personal style”. 

Veganism is a social movement that also aims to reduce the crippling impact of fast fashion industries. A staggering statistic to digest, apparently the world purchases 80 billion articles of clothing every year. Each time someone buys a fast-fashion “trendy item”, they end up contributing to the millions of landfills and chemicals leaching into the environment. 

This is why organic vegan clothing is taking over. People understand how their tiniest of actions can have a ripple effect on the environment. Adopting vegan fashion might just be the best thing you can do for the planet.

Going vegan, in terms of your wardrobe, might seem a bit of a challenge. However, the key to adopting vegan apparel is by choosing organically-made clothes. This mostly includes cotton and other cruelty-free vegan alternatives that are just as stylish and comfortable as commercially-made apparel. 

Organic clothing complements a vegan lifestyle because the entire process is cruelty-free and doesn’t harm the environment. So, if you’re adamant about living a vegan lifestyle, here are the steps you need to take!


Look For 100% Organic Cotton 

Buying organic clothing pieces is a great step to proclaim your love for the planet. Thankfully, many high-end, luxurious brands have recently joined the bandwagon. Testing the market with terrific capsule releases, many labels are creating pieces that are 100% organic and cruelty-free.   

Organic cotton is harvested according to organic agricultural standards. The fabric is free from harsh chemicals, dyes, and additives, which also makes it recyclable and long-lasting. When shopping for vegan apparel, look for 100% organic cotton as that is the hallmark of most eco-friendly brands. 

Whether they’re organic vegan cotton shirts, pants, scarves, or dresses, this is the material that you should ideally look for. Organic cotton is super-soft, easy to wash, and gentle on the skin. And most importantly – guilt free!

Shop for Linen 

Another great option for organic pieces is linen. In fact, linen is second best after organic vegan cotton shirts. Many vegan clothes are made from organic linen for its unrivalled softness, durability, and resistance. It’s extremely gentle to the touch and comfortably sits on the skin. 

Above all, organic linen is made from flax – a completely natural material – that doesn’t require any harsh chemicals or irrigation to grow. Linen is a unique, earth-friendly fibre; the flax plant it comes from is essentially from an eco-conscious crop. 

It is pest-resistant and hardy, and barely ever needs fertilizers to thrive, making it a wonderful addition to your organic closet. All this natural goodness will empower you to flaunt your unique style – one of accountability 😉

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Organic, Vegan Alternatives to Wool 

The main reason why organic clothing sits so well by vegan standards is that it’s eco-friendly and cruelty-free. As a vegan, if you want to ditch animal wool and fur, then there are many healthy and ethical alternatives to wear. 

Try hemp and lyocell. Hemp is a completely natural, biodegradable material that doesn’t require any pesticides or harmful additives to grow. It’s cultivated in a healthy, organic environment. Hemp is just as warm, breathable, stylish, and comfy as organic cotton. 

Whether you’re looking for women’s vegan organic t-shirts or a pair of classy jeans in hemp, the options really are unlimited. Hemp is fantastic if you’re looking for breathable fabric; unlike wool, it promotes aeration and doesn’t trap bacteria. 

Tencel is another great choice for organic clothing. Also known as Lyocell, the fabric is created from wood cellulose. The material is mostly used for jumpsuits, trousers, tops, and dresses. Lyocell is manufactured using a close-looped technology which uses reusable water and non-toxic chemicals. 

Buying Vegan Winter Knitwear 

When it comes to organic clothing, warm fabric options are plentiful. Another super-comfy and relatively new material is soybean fibre. 

It is one of the top sustainable fibres made from soybean protein fibre. A natural, renewable source, the fabric is free of petrochemicals and fully biodegradable. Soybean protein fiber has the luster of silk fabric (without the cruelty) and an excellent drape. Its superior softness might just feel like a second skin. 

Since soy itself is a staple item in a vegan diet, wearing clothes made from soy byproducts personifies ‘coming full circle’! If you’re looking for warm, cashmere-soft knitwear for winters, soybean fibre fits the bill. The fabric elegantly drapes, traps warmth, and has strong anti-bacterial qualities. 

Whether you want to drape a knitwear scarf, throw on a charming sweater or don a winter hoodie, soybean fibre is a wonderful and innovative option. 

You’ve probably realized by now that the options for women’s vegan organic t-shirts, pants, and dresses are unlimited. All you need is a bit of research, dedication, and of course, love for the planet! 

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