Spice Up Your Cycling Experience with Vingo

Are you training for any cycling tournaments? Cycling plays an important role even in triathlon and other athletic sports. Cycling regularly, builds the strength of your core muscles and enhances your leg power. Whether you play a field sport like football, badminton, cricket or other track events like running, long jump, etc. Cycling can help in developing your general fitness level and the overall flexibility of the body. When your body becomes stronger you can up your game in all the sports. That is why cycling plays such a central role for your fitness.

When you work full time in an office, it could be hard to allocate the time for cycling outside your regular schedule. Indoor cycling is easy to do and it doesn’t take a chunk of your time. You can easily set aside 20 minutes per day to work on your cycling.


Vingo – Your Personal Motivator & Mentor

The all new Vingo app acts as both a motivator and a mentor to you. You can connect with people in the virtual world with the app. This helps you to get the best mentorship from other players. The gamification of the exercises provides an exciting gameplay. Also, you will feel the joy of winning after every small achievement.

The app comes with a ton of features and personalisation options, making it an ideal app for your cycling.

Match Your Real World Performance

The cycling app can be easily connected with your cycle using ANT+ sensors. If your cycle doesn’t have in-built sensors, then you can buy the same and fit them on the cycle. The connection between the sensor and the app will be done seamlessly through Bluetooth. So, your avatar will be as fast as you ride the cycle.

Choose Exciting Landscapes

Vingo comes with a number of maps and landscape settings. Ranging from icy snow mountains to fiery hot volcanic plateaus. You can also set a mountain or plane surface for your training. So, no more cycling at boring places. Enter the world with endless possibilities without getting out of your room.

Find Friends & Competitors in Your League

One of the toughest tasks in the real world is to find a friend or buddy who could be available at your time and be interested in working out with you. With the app, online cycling becomes interesting.

You can find your ideal cycling friend with ease. You literally have a world of people to choose from. So, there is no need to restrict the people that you know in your locality. You can also find good cyclists and challenge them for cycling bouts.

Customise Characters, Companions & Everything Else

The Indoor cycling app gives you the option to customise your character as per your liking. You can take a selfie and upload in the app. It will make an avatar that resembles you in the real world. You can also choose the clothes and outfit of your preference. 

Customise your companion dogs and make them look as per your liking. You can choose a breed of dog that you like. All these options become available only with the increase in the levels of the game. So, you will be forced to upgrade your cycling skills to reach higher levels or get new gears.

Switch to the Best Cycling App Today

Vingo app provides the urgent care that you need to get better at cycling. Even if you want to improve your running or jogging speed, you can use the app. The app is also effective for running training. With the same set of features, you can connect your activity tracker or fitness watch to the app and get real time changes in the virtual world.