Simple Creative Recipes for a Pre-Make Meal

In today’s fast pacing life healthy food is not a priority but has just been a necessity. Everybody dreams of having a tasty healthy meal but end up on fast food junk and oily stuff instead due to lack of time or energy saved due to hectic work schedule. In such a situation how to deal with the issue becomes a stress for all. Another option is having greens in your menu as it not only helps in enhancing the immune system yet it also adds up to the food buds if cooked in a planned manner. It is essential to pre-make a menu for the coming day or rather for a week when the work schedule is on the run and you might want to be healthy with the fulfilling taste buds but have to have the junk food. So let’s have an idea how to plan for healthy recipes which one can pre-make and simple steps towards that.

  • Planning – when you are wanting something healthy and tasty to go for the coming week or the working days it is essential that you plan beforehand, so that with health you can suffice your taste cravings too. So plan up your 3 main meals namely the breakfast, lunch and dinner accordingly so that you have a stress free meal with health and taste both hand in hand. Also add some greens and for that the optavia lean and green recipes. 
  • A health made breakfast – the breakfast is the first meal of the day which is very important to have in a proper manner and without cheating on oneself. The best way to plan and prepare for breakfast is by preparing some yummy smoothies. Be those with different vegetables and fruits mixed. You can easily choose the vegetable or the fruit to go with. You can plan and make a fruit and vegetable mixed smoothie, or can even make different fruit smoothies for the whole week keeping them in glass jars and in the refrigerator. So that all through the week you can have the smoothies with some nuts or some bread to go with, this would be a healthy and tasty meal for the morning.
  • A wholesome lunch – some greens to go with, so why not pre plan to make some healthy and tasty salads, with cucumber, olives, lettuce, capsicum or zucchini to go with. You can even add the previous day cooked veggies which are the leftovers in your salad giving it an enhanced savory taste with the crispy greens. You can plan to add up a little grilled chicken or boiled eggs with your salad which would really add to the taste but keeping the health intact.  Some boiled broccoli to add up the greens and also you can fill your stomach with the soups, as a side dish with your salad making it a whole meal and filling your stomach and heart. 
  • The concluding dinner – although the dinner is the last meal of the day you can have a little variety here to pre plan for. The idea of some pasta, or a simple boiled rice with vegetables added with chicken or fish would be a great combination which you can heat later while having. As dinners may be in between work or a late after work or coming back from a party. Another option would be a baked omelet which would serve both tasty and healthy, where you can add some spices and some veggies to go with. You can pre plan to have a simple dessert like a small cake or a fruit salad with sweet cream. 

The simple idea is to have a hearty meal which would include greens and also proteins not only filling your stomach but also complementing your taste buds without fail.  Planning a good meal is very essential for working people in today’s fast pacing life, so that health is maintained and the taste is also not compromised. So the above simple ways would help one to have a pre-make meal for the whole week without any regrets of not being healthy or to compromise on the taste. Adding the greens would enhance your health and help in maintaining a strong immune system with your taste buds intact.