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Maintenance and Care of Oily Skin – 11 Ways

Oily skin can be really annoying. No matter how hard you try, you end up with a shiny and dull look on your face within a matter of a few hours. Coupled with this are other problems that develop along the way, like pimples, acne etc. However, there is no need to lose heart about it. Did you know that oily skin ages a lot slower than dry and normal skin? So that is definitely something to be cheerful about.As far as oily skin in concerned, you can easily deal with this problem with few simple tips and some very easy home remedies. Below are some of the most effective home remedies to deal with oily skin issues.So say Goodbye Oily Skin and welcome a glowing you.

11 Ways to Maintain and Care for Oily Skin

1, Washing Face

If you thought that washing your face quite often can help you to get rid of that shiny film of your oil, think again. This could actually lead to the loss of moisture from your skin which in turn will increase oil production. Don’t wash your face more than two to three times a day.

 2, Cleansers for Oily Skin

It is advisable to wash your face with gentle soaps and face washes. Also, make sure that you choose the ones that have been specially formulated for oily skin. Cleansers containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are perfect for oily skin.

3, Use Oil Free Moisturisers

Even oily skin needs to be moisturised. What you need to remember is to make sure that you select an oil free moisturiser. You can go for the ones that use water as the base.

4, Apple

It is very important to exfoliate your skin once a week to get rid of dead skin, dirt and black heads. Grate an apple and apply the shreds on your face. Leave this pack on for about 20 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.

5, Tomato Juice

Tomato is extremely beneficial for oily skin. Since it consists of acids that can absorb oil from the skin, applying the juice on your skin is definitely a great idea. Slice a tomato into a half and rub into the skin or squeeze out its juice. Massage it into the skin till the skin soaks all of the juice. After 15 minutes, wash your face with cold water.

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6, Egg Whites

11 Ways to Maintain and Care for Oily Skin

Egg whites have skin drying properties which is why they are extremely beneficial for oily skin care. Beat the white of an egg to make it stiff. Apply this to the face and wash it after it is dry.

7, Yoghurt

11 Ways to Maintain and Care for Oily Skin

Yoghurt can absorb excess oil from the skin. Applying yoghurt to the face for 15 minutes and then washing it off with cold water can help you to get rid of that oily sheen.

8, Cucumber

Cucumber being a natural astringent helps to reduce oil production in the skin. Before going to bed, rub your face with a slice of cucumber. Leave the juice on for the night. In the morning, wash your face with warm water.

9, Lemon Juice

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Lemon juice is another natural astringent which helps in reducing the production of oil in your skin. Mix lemon juice with egg white and apply it on your face. After 15 minutes, wash it off with warm water.

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10, Milk

11 Ways to Maintain and Care for Oily Skin

Instead of using chemical based cleansers available in the market, you can make your own skin cleanser using milk. Since milk is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, it helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin and also acts as a gentle exfoliate. Take two tablespoons of milk and add two or three drops of lavender or sandalwood oil. Mix this well and apply it to your face using cotton. With gentle circular motions, massage this into your skin. Leave this through the night and wash your face with cold water in the morning. Doing this everyday will keep your skin look healthy and oil free.

11, Honey

Oily Skin

True that honey has some moisturising properties. However, it can also come in handy to clean the blocked pores and remove excess oil from the skin. Apply honey to your skin and after 15 minutes, wash your face. If you do this twice, everyday, you will see an amazing change in your skin.

So, if you have been really worried about your oily skin, it is time include these simple and easy remedies into your daily beauty routine. This would ensure that you are not bogged by problems associated with oily skin and look your radiant self always.

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