Putting on Makeup in a Jiffy


Quick Tips for Makeup

Putting on a little makeup before getting ready for work or any social do can work wonders for your appearance. However, there is no denying the fact that applying makeup can be a time consuming job. So, what do you do when you don’t have enough time to follow all the steps to wear makeup? The good news is that you don’t have to lose your sleep over this. You can put on quick makeup to get that million dollar look.

Here are some quick tips for makeup which will add colour to your face and make you look elegant.

1. Essential Makeup Products

Of course, when it comes to makeup products there is a long list of things you might need. But, for times when you are in a rush, it would be a good idea to just stick to the basics. Dabbing on some concealer to hide the blemishes, using some mascara on your eye lashes and a hint of lip gloss will work just as fine.

2. Brushing it up

If you have been relying on the brushes that come with your products, it is time you rethink your process of makeup application. They are just not as efficient as they should be. So, for those quickie makeup sessions, it is advisable to invest in some good quality makeup brushes of different shapes and sizes.

3. Multitasking with Products

It might be difficult to apply different layers when you are short of time. However, there are some products which can actually double up as a foundation, moisturiser and concealer. Use these when in a rush to save some time. Did you know that your lipstick can also be used as a blusher? So, in case you are not able to find certain products, a little imagination is all that you will need to dab on the makeup in a jiffy.


4. Curling your Eyelashes

Your eyelashes when curled up can actually make your eyes look bright. But this can be a bit difficult to manage when you are rushing out. In such cases, your index finger will work just as fine. Just brush your lashes up with your index finger for a few seconds and then dab on the mascara. The effect you get would be just as good.

5. Quick Pout

Who doesn’t want to have those full lips and a pouty smile? However, if your lips are not that perfect, you might have to put in some time to line and fill them up with lip colour. When in hurry, just dab on some lip gloss. This being shiny and shimmery makes your lips look fuller.

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6. Eye Shadow Hack

Applying eye shadow helps in accentuating your eyes. But, if you are in a hurry, chances are that you don’t have enough time to decide on the perfect eye shadow. During such times, it is always a good idea to keep an eye shadow which you think would never go wrong. This would definitely save you some time when you need to dab some make up quickly.

7. Blush Truths

Did you know that a shimmery, shiny blush can actually accentuate the blemishes and marks on your face? Make sure that you have some matte blush too in your make up kit for occasions when you don’t have enough time to create a base before applying makeup.

When in doubt and in hurry, it is always better to underplay the makeup than overdo it. And for rush hour makeup sessions, lighter shades are always the best bet. So, the next time you are late for a do, just try these quick tips to add some colour to your face.

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