Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation


Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phone radiation and radiation from other electronic gadgets have life-threatening effects on human health. Radiation effects often lead to diseases like cancer tumors which can even result in death. Modern smartphones use satellite transmission and mobile technology for communication purposes. The mobile technology often uses electromagnetic radiation that has an adverse effect on an individual’s health and that makes the smartphones, gadgets unsafe.

The  Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

The dangers of cell phone radiation are many, and such radiation is emitted by cell phone when persons engage in talking, texting, streaming videos or even listening to music. The cell phones can prove to be deadly even if they are in a standby mode. Cell phone radiation exposure can cause adverse biological effects and these may include the following:-

1. Disintegrating DNA Structure

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The DNA is a type of protein which is associated with cell structure. The DNA can be regarded as the building blocks at the cellular level. Too much exposure to electromagnetic radiation has adverse effects on the DNA structure of the cell. Many times, it is observed that due to exposure to harmful radiation DNA gets disintegrated.

2. Decrease and Destroy Brain Metabolism

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Metabolism is important for all living organisms. Cell phone radiation exposure causes disruption in cell metabolism. The brain is an important organ and it requires a certain amount of glucose to function properly. If there is any disruption in the brain glucose metabolism then the functionality of the brain is disrupted. Observations reveal that over exposure to radiation causes disruption in the brain glucose metabolism.

3. Excessive Protein Release

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Proteins are essential constituents which when present in blood help in growth. However, the over-produce of proteins, which is caused mainly during times of stress, can lead to diseases like cancer. Excessive radiation can lead to conditions of stress and that can trigger unwanted protein release.

4. Can Cause Cancer

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Electromagnetic radiations are associated with mobile telephones whenever they are on. Excessive use of the mobile devices has severe ill effects including cancer and other dreaded diseases which have their symptoms.

Symptoms Associated With Cell Phone Radiation

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Individuals affected with cell phone radiation show symptoms which aid the physicians in diagnosing the type of disease conditions they are suffering from.

The common symptoms include the following:-

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Sensitive skin
  • A hot head
  • Exhaustion and Fatigue

Tips To Protect Your Self From Radioactive Waves

1. Beware Of Fake EMF Protection Chips

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Buying EMF protection chips, cellular phone protection stickers are common purchases that people make. The manufacturers claim that the EMF protection products neutralize the effects of EMF exposure when they are used with the cell phone. Such claims can be baseless and therefore it is always advised on the part of the buyers to give a second thought prior to investing in such products. The EMF protection products can be dangerous. Their prolonged use can cause severe health problems.

2. Hold Your Phone Away From Your Body

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The new generation cellular technology is nowadays immensely popular among mobile phone users. Hold your phone away from your body till the call is connected. The cellphone user needs to put the phone into the ear only when the correspondent answers.

When on standby the cell phone communicates with the nearest tower at regular intervals ensuring that it gets the best quality signal.  A poor signal area implies that the signal transmission can take place after every 30 seconds. For all obvious reasons, it is suggested to keep the cell phones away from the body organs.

The cell phones, even in the switched off state emits harmful electromagnetic radiation. Many cellular phones use the GPS to update their position in the switched off state. It is recommended to use the airplane or the flight mode as they are safe bets. However, one needs to keep in mind not to carry the phone close to their body.

3. Use Your Phone Where Signal Reception is Maximum

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For an uninterrupted signal reception, the mobiles should be used at places where signal availability is maximum. Exterior spaces like rooftops are good choices. However one needs to avoid basements, elevators and underground stations. The telephone displays signal bars which highlight the signal strength of the place. It is advised to use the mobile or cellular phones when all the signal bars are displayed.

4. Do Not Use Your Phone Inside A Parked Car Or Moving Vehicle

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It is advisable not to use the mobile phones in buses, trains, cars and other moving vehicles. When a cell phone user uses their device on a moving vehicle then the cell phone antenna is constantly searching for contact and therefore operating at higher signal strengths. This increases the risk.

Also, using cellular devices inside a closed enclosure is not advisable. While using mobile phones there remains a risk of a radiation leak. Most of the radiation absorbed by the body can be deadly. Signal strength drops with distance.

5. Switch Off Your Phone When Asleep Or When Tired

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Also, try not to use your phone in the bedroom. Cell phone radiation or other electromagnetic radiation affects the sleep cycles, contribute to a host of ailments including allergies, weakness, muscle pain. The harmful effects of radiation can adversely affect the immune system, reduce hormone production, and all these can have severe long-term health consequences for the individual mobile phone user.

Finally, do not carry a phone if you suffer from excessive fatigue. The harmful electromagnetic rays of the cell phone can cause damage to an embryo.

6. Message Instead Of Calling

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Specific Absorption Rate is a measure of the microwave radiation absorbed by the human body tissue. However, it is important to recognize that low SAR rate does not make a cell phone safe.

The most important use of the cell phone is texting or messaging and such things expose the body to radiation effects. To limit the ill effects of radiation it is advised to hold the cell phone away from the body once the ‘end’ button is pressed.

7. Minimize The Number Of Apps Running

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Modern smartphones have loads of apps installed in them and that makes them multifunctional and useful. Disabling the apps makes the smartphone function as a conventional phone.

Also, if you prefer to activate the smartphone in a wireless mode then you may avoid radiation effects because of the background data traffic. Many people prefer watching videos and listening to music on their phones. The modern day mobile phones allow users to download their favorite video or audio files, use the airplane mode to watch or listen to them.

8. Keep Phones Away From Your Child

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Lastly, in modern times, kids use mobile telephones quite often. It is advisable on the part of guardians to allow mobile phone use to their kids only in times of emergencies. Try to keep the call short. Scientific research suggests that greater duration of call enhances the risk of cancer.

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Check Your Mobile Radiation

To check the level of radiation on your phone you can always contact your local phone supplier or check it here.

If you are a resident in India, you can dial the number “*#07#” (USSD code) to find out what your SAR is.