Parent Child Relationship Building Activities


Forgotten Parenting Tips

In this age of Spare-the-Rod-Spoil-the-Child, we are constantly confronted with how to bring up our children and having to know what best to do for them. Everywhere we look we see parenting advice from all the experts.


We seem to have forgotten that some of the golden nuggets of wisdom happen to be handed down through the ages from mother to mother. Our parents and grandparents are sometimes the best sources of parenting advice. Some of that wisdom that was passed down through the generations, can be exercised as Parent Child Relationship Building Activities.

Parent Child Relationship Building Activities:

1. Teach Independence

parent child relationship building activities

In our quest to give our children the best lives possible we often times find ourselves doing things for them that they can do by themselves. In turn we make our work harder and worse still we make them dependent on us. While this is fine for toddlers, it does not yield independent adults.

Instead, let us teach our children how to be independent, how to do little things for themselves. Start with small things like letting them pick out their clothes. As they grow older give them bigger things to handle.

You can also encourage your children to join sports teams so they develop a sense of independence and learn to get along with others. Parenting young athletes and preparing them for the future can help them realize that they’re able to accomplish goals on their own.

Children enjoy responsibility and are willing to help, as long as they don’t think they are chores. So let them make their own decisions.

2. A Little Dirt Will Not Hurt

parent child relationship building activities

In this day and age where all parents are constantly told to make sure that everything is cleaned with utmost care. And all precautions are made to ensure that the child does not come in contact with dirt, we need to take a step back from the cleanliness mania and let them be children.

Remember how your parents talked about making mud pies and playing in the dirt? There was a method behind this madness.

When exposed to germs in small quantities like playing outside children develop their immunity and their resistance and resilience, making it easier for their bodies to fight off the bigger diseases. Thereby, making them healthier all around.

Children still need to be taught basic cleanliness but, going overboard on cleanliness breaks down their immune systems. Therefore, leading to a lot more trips to the doctor.

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3. Personality Begins to Develop in the Womb

parent child relationship building activities

While most of us try to teach our children what to do after they are born, most of us forget that a child can sense everything happening around them right from the time they are in the womb.

Children begin their learning process right from the time their bodies start developing. They experience all the hormonal changes and all the moods and stress and tension you go through while you are pregnant. They also learn how to react to situations depending on how you handle life.

So, if you react badly to situations while you are carrying, chances are, even your child will react the same way.

4. Teach Them Young

parent child relationship building activities

More and more discoveries are being made about the intelligence of babies and how much they absorb and understand. We all seem to overlook the fact that the lessons our parents taught us while we were still young, are the ones that remain with us till this day.

Correcting children when they are still young instills lifelong values and lessons.

5. Lead by Example

parent child relationship building activities

Children are wonderful emulators and will copy everything they see and hear, including your reactions. You cannot expect a child to behave well if you exhibit bad behavior. So everything you say and do have to be measured carefully in front of your children.

The other side is that all the values you want them to develop have to be present in you first. So work on bettering yourself and your children will follow your example. This is the least practiced but, most important of all Parent Child Relationship Building Activities!

6. You Are Not Their Shield

parent child relationship building activities

Our gut reaction is to shield our children from all the harm and danger that might come their way. We want to make sure that they enjoy their childhood and never face any negative experiences.

What most of us don’t realize is that if children don’t learn to face failures now, for them to face failures in adulthood becomes almost impossible. Recent studies show that it even leads to depression in young adults.

Finally, remember that our children are the future adults of the world. And, while we would all like to see our children succeed in this world, it is also necessary to remember that a good parent teaches with the long term in view. So, next time you have a parenting question and are not sure what to do, ask your parents or grandparents and, be graced with many more Parent Child Relationship Building Activities! After all, they have been there and done that.

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