5 Reasons Why Medical Insurance For Women Is HIGHLY Important


Medical Insurance

Only a few years ago if you had to ask for special medical insurance for women in India, you would’ve had doors slammed in your face or you would’ve been laughed at. Although medical insurance for women is still not on the same par as health insurance for men, there has been some type of improvement in this field!

Reasons To Buy Medical Insurance For Women

People have argued that health insurance plans for women are not actually required but, here are five reasons why every woman ought to opt for a health care insurance policy.

1. Maternity Benefits

For years on end, insurance companies were reluctant about providing a policy to women that covered their maternity needs. But, nowadays it is much easier for a woman to opt for a health insurance policy that offers some type of coverage and health benefits during pregnancy.

While some insurance companies have a waiting period of 2 to 4 years, others (small business health insurance) have a waiting period of 6 years, so, opting for a health insurance program at the earliest is the best option.

2. Hospitalization

After a woman has passed the age of 40, her health slowly begins to degrade. It is at a time like this that a woman requires some type of financial backing so that she does not need to spend all of her savings in the case of any type of emergency.

Earlier it would’ve been impossible to get an individual health insurance premium for a woman, as it was required for her to be registered only under her husband’s or father’s name.

3. Stressful Work Life

A woman’s life can be highly stressful with her working a professional job and playing the never ending job of wife and mother at home. This day-to-day stress filled atmosphere could grow to be the onset of illnesses like High BP, Diabetes, Cancer, etc.

It is for this very same reason that medical insurance for women is a must! Whether it a low-cost health insurance plan, a self-employed health insurance plan or a private health insurance plan, every woman must ensure that she has some sort of health insurance coverage.

4. Top Up Plan

*Make sure that you speak to your insurance agents before choosing a premium.

5. Tax Benefit

Every woman under the government of India who opts for a health insurance policy has the right to certain tax benefits. In India, medical insurance for women could mean that she is entitled to up to Rs.25,000/- tax exemptions.

Best Health Insurance Plans For Women

Although there is a HUGE gap in the insurance offered to men when compared to that offered to women, there are a few companies that do provide medical insurance for women. At present, in India, there are two medical insurance plans for women that are worth talking about.

1. TATA AIG Wellsurance Woman

TATA AIG Wellsurance Woman plan offers certain perks like:

  • Tax benefits
  • Zero cash hospitalization
  • Post surgery/ hospitalization medical treatment
  • Recuperation benefit
  • Critical illness coverage – up to 11 types
  • Cosmetic reconstruction surgery benefit (only in the case of an accident)

2. Bajaj Allianz Women Specific Critical Illness Insurance

Bajaj Allianz offers one of the widest coverages where illness of women is concerned:

  • Coverage for up to 8 different critical illnesses that women are most prone to
  • 50% insurance for congenital disabilities
  • A certain sum to be paid to women who lose their jobs three months after diagnosed with a critical disease