Choosing Makeup Products Made Easy


Makeup Tips for Eye Shades, Lipsticks, and Eyeliners etc.

Makeup helps in accentuating the best features of your face and gives you a ravishing and stunning look. However, if the makeup is not right for you, the results can be disastrous. Whether you are choosing a foundation, an eye shadow, a lipstick, or an eyeliner, it is important, especially for teenagers that they should choose safe teen makeup products which suit their skin tone as well as facial features.

This might sound too complicated, but when you get down to it, choosing the right makeup shades is definitely not difficult. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the perfect makeup shades.

Tips to Choose Makeup Shades


A good foundation forms the base of your makeup. So, it is important that you choose one with utmost care. One wrong choice and all your effort would go waste. The first thing that you need to take into consideration is your skin tone. This can be decided based on the colour of the veins on your inner wrist. If they look blue or purple, it means you have a cool undertone. In case they look green or olive, you have a warm undertone. You could have a neutral undertone if you cite the vein colours to be a mix of many colours. You will find that there are different foundations available for these different skin tones. The next thing you would want to decide is the coverage that you desire from the foundation. You can go for full coverage or partial coverage based on your requirement. It is important that you do not select a foundation without testing it. Apply it on your jaw line and blend it in. A foundation that blends into your skin completely is perfect for you. 

To make sure you get the right color, it’s important to have great lighting when applying your foundation. Lighted Hollywood mirrors like these are an excellent option.

Quick Tips

  • Using your fingertips, dot your face with foundation.
  • Now blend it into your skin using sweeping motions of your palm. Pay special attention to creases and fine lines.
  • Touch it up with some translucent powder to set in the foundation.

1.Eye Shadows

When choosing an eye shadow, the one thing that you need to keep in mind is the colour of your eyes. It is important that you do not choose as eye shadow that is the same colour as your eyes as this would make them look dull. Instead, go for shades which contrast and yet complement your eyes. In case you have blue eyes, choose eye shadows in the shades of orange, gold, pink, peach and brown. On the other hand, purples and plum shades look great on green eyes. If you have brown or black eyes, you can experiment with any shades you want, as the colours will suit your eyes.

Generally you would require a minimum of four shades of an eye shadow to get the desired look. You can choose shades from the same palette or trying matching different shades using your creativity.

  • Light and Shimmery: Use this as a highlighter. Apply it near under the eye brow and just near the eye duct.
  • Light Matte: This is applied around the brow bone to blend in any lines around the eye.
  • Medium Shade: This is generally used in the crease of the eyes to cover up the lines. However, this can also be used over the eyelid to add a dash of colour.
  • Dark Shade: This shade can be applied under the lower eyelash and around the outer corner of the eyes.

2.Eye Liners

Eye liners help in accentuating your eyes and shaping them to complement your face. Though the most common eye liner shades are black and brown, these are available in a variety of shades. Just like eye shadows, it is always a good idea to choose an eye liner shade the suits your eye colour. If you have blue eyes, copper and gold eye liner shades will be perfect for you. Eye liners with undertones of red would look stunning in case you have green eyes. So, going for shades like amethyst, garnet and bronze would be a good idea. In case you have brown eyes, all earthy and deep blue shades would give a dazzling look to your eyes.

  • While applying the eyeliner, start from the outer part of the lid and move in. As you do so, reduce the thickness of the line.
  • Using a soft pointed eye brush, smudge this line using small circular motions.


Your makeup is not complete unless you apply a good lipstick. However, when choosing a lipstick, it is important that you consider the shape of your lips. In case you have full lips, all shades, whether dark or light will look good on you. Make sure that you go for matte shades. If you have thin lips, using dark shades will make them look thin. So, go for light colours of pink and touch them up with some gloss to add some volume to your lips.

  • Use a lip liner to outline your lips.
  • Using a brush, fill in the lipstick shade of your choice.
  • With a tissue paper, blot the lipstick to remove the excess. Repeat this step again as this ensures that your lipstick lasts longer.

Selecting the right product shades can work wonders for your overall appearance. It is also important that you buy makeup products of well known brands to ensure that they are safe for your skin.