Substitutes for Makeup Products

As a modern woman you put in a lot of thought into your clothes, hair, shoes and accessories. And then you dab on some makeup to look mesmerising and picture perfect. Leaving home without makeup is an alien idea to you. So, what do you do when you find that you have run out of a certain product and just don’t have enough time to buy a new one? Well, just find an alternative.

Yes, you can actually use some other beauty products that double up as your makeup. Don’t know how this works? Here are some ideas as to how you can substitute your makeup with some great alternatives.

Quick Alternatives for Makeup

Instant Foundation

You definitely need some foundation to create a perfect base on which to apply the makeup. But, what if you run out of foundation in the last minute? You can whip up your own foundation in a jiffy. All you need is some concealer or loose powder and some moisturiser. Mix these two to gain the same consistency as that of your foundation. Now, use this instant handmade foundation to cover up the areas that have too many blemishes and spots. However, using this as liberally as foundation would not be a good idea as it could give you a very flaky look.

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Mascara with Petroleum Jelly

Mascara can brighten up your eyes and make them look bigger. So, there is no chance that you would leave home without some mascara. But, what if you don’t have enough for the day? Well, substitute it with some petroleum jelly. Use your fingers to rub the jelly into your eyelashes. Your lashes will glisten just like they do when dabbed with mascara

Lipstick with blusher

Colourless lips can really ruin your look. However, with your busy schedule, sometimes you might not have enough time to get a new one. So, when you run out of lipstick, just dab on some blusher to your lips. Using a cream blush would be a good idea. Top it some lip balm to get the desired shine and gloss.

Blush on with a Lipstick

A blush can double as a lipstick and vice versa. So, if you don’t have enough blush, apply some lipstick to your cheeks to add colour to them.

Eye Shadow with some Bronzer

Eye shadow can work wonders for your eyes, especially when you are stepping out for a formal occasion. But what would you do if you run out of your favourite eye shadow? Substitute it with some bronzer. Shades like bronze, copper and sienna look great on everyone. Use a cotton ball to apply the bronzer to your eye lids. However it would be a good idea to underplay it by just dabbing it on the creases. Too much bronzer can ruin the look.

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Surprise Concealer

It is important to cover the blemishes and spots, with a concealer to get that smooth complexion. In case you run out of it, take a look at the rim of your foundation bottle. There might be some residue of the foundation which has thickened with time. This can double up as a concealer.

So, next time you run out of your favourite makeup products, just use these alternatives to get that perfect look. Remember that these are just substitutes. It is important to stock up on your makeup for easier and better makeup sessions.