Instant Blackhead Removal Tips for Flawless Skin

How many of you have taken a close look at your skin? Did you know that your skin has a billion skin pores? The pores are present on your skin to trap moisture and keep it smooth and supple. What happens if these pores get clogged? Well, yes, the skin pores, especially on your facial skin, get clogged. Clogged pores cause blackheads to form.

Do you know what causes blackheads? There are two main causes of blackheads. The first one is the dirt and pollution that seep into the skin pores. When the skin is exposed to dirt and dust, there are a lot of tiny particles of pollutants that seep into the skin pores. Along with these particles, the sweat and dust also make way into the skin pores. When all of this is left unattended, they solidify to form the blackheads. Along with these, the other factor responsible for blackheads are the dead skin cells. The dead skin cells make way into the hair follicles and clog them. They solidify over time to form blackheads that are very hard to be removed. 

Blackhead removal is not as hard as you think. While some of them still follow the old school method of removing blackheads with tweezers by squeezing the skin pores, there are a lot of simple and painless blackhead removal techniques that make it very easy for you to clean your clogged pores and achieve flawless skin. They save you from hurting your skin tissues and reduce acne and other skin issues.

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1. Use a comedone extractor tool –

Technology has made life easy and has made the blackhead removal process easy too. The device is as small as a pen and is battery operated. When one turns on the device, it starts to begin its suction, and when it is taken on the skin, all the blackheads get sucked out from the clogged skin pores. This blackhead removal tool also helps in getting rid of excess oil. Dirt, pollutants, dead skin cells, and even suntan that makes the skin look dull. In the end, you will be left with flawless and glowing skin. 

2. Get a skin scrubber –

A skin scrubber is another blackhead removal tool that every single person must own. Skin exfoliation works wonders and there is no better skin exfoliator than a skin scrubber. However, this device can only remove the dead skin cells and blackheads that are found in the superficial layers of the skin. If you are looking for a complete blackhead removal technique, you can prefer the comedian extractor over this tool. Suntan and dull skin can fade away if you use the skin scrubber but make sure you do not over scrub. Do not use it more than thrice a week as this could damage the new skin cells too. 

3. Steam before you exfoliate –

The softer your skin is, the better the exfoliation gets. Be it using a comedone extractor or a skin scrubber, it is very important to hydrate your skin before starting the blackhead removal session. The facial steamer works as an amazing blackhead removal tool as it opens up the clogged pores and makes it easy for the blackhead suction tool to work on.  It is very essential to have steaming sessions for the skin but make sure it does not exceed more than twice a week. Using a steamer frequently will make your skin dry and rough. Along with this, make sure you do not have a steaming session for more than 15 minutes. Take intervals in between as steam can also burn your skin and cause tough damage. 

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4. Cleanse with activated charcoal –

Activated charcoal is a natural element that is used in the RO water purifiers and also in your facial products. It has the ability to attract all the dust and pollutants towards it. It pulls the dirt and the blackheads that clog your skin pores and help you have beautiful skin. The two common ways to include this is through the activated charcoal face wash and also through the activated charcoal face masks. A good cleansing session happens here and you will be left with a skin that beautifully glows. The peel-off mask can be used once in a week and the face wash containing activated charcoal can be used for every face wash session of yours. 

5. Do not hit the bed with makeup on –

Blackheads can be formed in very little time and you will have to be extra careful and cautious always. Apart from all the dirt, dust, and pollution, the skin pores get clogged with all the makeup you use. The makeup that makes your skin look flawless can be a reason for blackheads too. The best way to remove blackheads in their forming stage is to remove your makeup when you are back home. Do not go to bed with makeup on and use a micellar water cleanser to remove it. 

6. Egg masks are the best –

Eggs have worked wonders for moth skin and hair. They can be the instant blackhead removers for all the blackheads found in the superficial layers of the skin. You can take two egg whites that are separated from the yolks and add a generous spoon of honey to it.  Apply this mixture over your face and let it dry completely. After this is done, wash your face with lukewarm water with your fingers moving in circular motions. This is the best natural blackhead removal technique you can try. 

7. Exfoliate with baking soda –

Tans, dead skin cells, clogged pores, and even blackhead removal issues get solved with this amazing ingredient from the kitchen. All you need is a spoon of baking soda with a little water. Mix them into a thick paste and rub them over your facial skin in circular motions. This makes a natural exfoliator for you and keeps your skin glowing. 

These are some of the simplest instant blackhead removal techniques for you. Try them and give your skin a kiss of health and beauty. 

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