How To Quit Smoking In Just 6 Steps!

Give Up The Cigars And Smokes!

Chain smokers face a bigger challenge to drop the act and resume sobriety from their severe nicotine addiction. Let us admit, any addiction is hard to get rid of. How to quit smoking is considered to be one of the toughest ones in the list, alongside quitting alcoholism!

While you are in the process of quitting, there would inevitably few circumstances where you may just want to call it a day and rush for a drag. Dejection sets in later, once you have had your bout. Remember that feeling of self-betrayal? Here is the good part – you are not alone in the struggle.

It is important to understand that experiencing stress in the process of learning how to quit smoking tobacco is very natural. Nicotine withdrawal tends to make you anxious, jittery and nervous, all of which are confused with stress. Resorting to a quick smoke in these situations does not help feel you better, it only gives you another dose of nicotine, ergo, more abuse.

Stress Due To Nicotine Withdrawal

The stress that sets in while learning how to quit smoking cigarettes is the most commonly felt one with most individuals all over the globe. Stress releases a brain chemical called epinephrine, and this chemical clearly interferes with your ability to think and focus clearly.

How To Quit Smoking – Steps To Be Taken

As they say, the road to success is never smooth for anything. It is a challenge to learn how to quit smoking, but help is at hand. There are a number of precautions that you can take while leaving the habit.Here are the best ways to quit smoking and or tips to quit smoking in easy way. These pointers help you focus more on the withdrawal than a relapse.

1. Do Not Be Hard On Yourself

This is the first and foremost thing. Do not self-punish yourself in the journey of withdrawal. Remember that tapering over smoking is going to be a tedious process, sometimes even longer than expected. You have to control your impulses and keep trying. There will be many instances when you will lose your cool after not being able to stay away. Be positive in your mind that it will happen. You will be surprised how staying positive can turn things around for you.

2. Prepare Your Mind Well In Advance

There are a lot of questions about how to quit smoking. You will experience self-doubt about your ability to pull it off. Preparing your mind well in advance about the process can help you combat those unexpected surprises. It helps to understand various pros and cons about smoking withdrawals. Knowing before hand will leave you more ready and less dejected at times of slowdown.

3. Stop Worrying About Those Little Failures

Some of us tend to over think each and everything surrounding a substance abuse. Smoking for one will not spare any individual towards a smooth outcome. The road is going to be rough, and there will be small failures every now and then. It is very important not to worry about these failures. Take them as learnings. Every mistake made is a step towards your progress. You will eventually see the leap.

4. Live Everyday Normally

Once your mind starts registering that there is no more nicotine adage to the system, there will be problems. You will experience physical, mental and emotional issues in course of your withdrawal. Living life normally without overwhelming reaction to anything will greatly help you. It’s important to take each day as it comes without anxieties running in the back of your head. Read a book, watch a movie, keep busy.

5. Relaxation Techniques

Being relaxed is the ultimate solution to any problem, even smoking. While learning how to quit smoking cigarettes, it is crucial to prep yourself to be more calm and composed. Severe reaction to a situation should be avoided. Meditation and Yoga help a lot deal to gain control of your emotions. Try getting back in tune with your healthier body by practicing some relaxing techniques.

6. Look At The Bigger Picture

State of control is purely psychological. If you feel that you are under the control of something, then you are. It is always good to look at the bigger picture at the end of the struggle. Your nicotine addiction can become insignificant, only when you choose to think of it as one.

7. Try Nicotex or Nicotine Gum

Nicotex is a chewing gum that helps smokers quit smoking gradually. It is a 12-week therapy program which has helped millions of smokers lead a healthy, nicotine-free life once again!

We wish you a healthy recovery from smoking and pleasant tidings while experiencing those withdrawals. Do share your experiences with our fellow readers.