How to Add color to your favorite spaces in minutes with no mess or fuss.

Unless you are somebody who likes monochromatic spaces, chances are you want a radiant or at least an elegant combination of colors at your place. It looks good, feels good, and adds character to the whole environment. But painting being the upfront option is not as easy as it sounds. Especially if there is a definite design you want to have on your walls. You cannot put them up by yourself and will need to pay painters, which is costly at times. But even then, you might not get the expected results because painting is a messy job and there are chances of permanent errors. 

So, what can you do if you have neither the skills nor time to paint and don’t want to take the risks of hiring painters who might not get your idea and make blunders? The answer is glueless wallpapers, also known as peel and stick wallpapers. But before we dive into that let us look at what wallpapers are and what are their variations and why according to us glueless wallpapers are the best option if you are looking to personalize your space with no mess or fuss. 


Wallpapers, as the name suggests, is a type of specially manufactured paper that comes with various designs and texture, and also has a division of types among them. The major being, the traditional wallpapers, and the new glueless wallpapers. 

Interior designers have been acknowledging the use of wallpapers for a long time but they never really grasped the idea completely. This is due to the deviation of wallpapers from the orthodox norms of painting the interiors of the houses. Another factor that comes into play here is the cost of installing wallpapers. As the cost is calculated per square foot the amount usually ends up being a bit heavy on the pocket. 

Nevertheless, wallpapers cause less fuss and provide ease of installation compared to paints, and they come with an uncountable number of designs and textures that can convey the appropriate ambiance you want around yourself. 

Traditional wallpapers. 

These are the wallpapers that have been doing rounds since the concept of wallpapers came into being. What makes them traditional is the fact that these wallpapers need wallpaper paste, which is essentially a kind of glue, to be put up on the walls. The paste is applied to the walls and then the properly measured and cut wallpaper is pasted on top. This gives room for errors because if they are not properly aligned or get wrinkled at some places, you can move them around and adjust them while the paste is still wet. 

Traditional wallpapers are made of non-woven artificial and natural fabric that keeps them from expanding or contracting during temperature changes. This non-woven fabric design makes the wallpapers more environment friendly than glueless wallpapers but they come with their own set of disadvantages. The most apparent being their removal. Removing these wallpapers is a tough job and still then once removed these wallpapers leave marks on the walls. They are also non-reusable. 

Glueless Wallpapers

Glueless wallpapers are called so because they come with a backside that already has an adhesive. Therefore, you don’t have to use other glue or wallpaper pastes to put them up. Among the three options, i.e., paint, traditional wallpapers, and glueless wallpapers (peel and stick) the third option is the easiest to put up. All you have to do to put them up is cut them according to the size of the area you want them to be, peel the back covering and paste them. If they get wrinkled at some places you can easily take them off and put them up again properly. 

This property alone makes these wallpapers the best option for a quick decoration of a wall. But along with the ease of putting up the wallpapers, cleaning them is also comparatively easy. You can easily clean them using vacuum cleaners, broom, or wallpaper dough. Don’t use wet clothes as moisture can seep through these wallpapers and ruin them. 

Concluding Words. 

As you have seen from our analysis of the major three methods of putting up colors on your wall, glueless wallpapers are the easiest that take very little time and cause no mess. Therefore, if you are looking to add colors to your space, glueless wallpapers are the way to go!