Holiday weight gain is common , Here's how you can reverse it

One of the main causes of holiday weight gain is skewed portion control. People who graze on high-calorie foods typically gain the most fat during the holidays. While they may not look like they’re eating much, they end up consuming more calories per serving than those who eat smaller meals. Heres how to avoid holiday weight gain and reverse it. By following these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to regaining your former figure.

First of all, make sure you’re not under-eating. Holiday eating patterns often cause people to binge and gain extra weight. If you’re eating a high-calorie meal a few hours before bed, drinking lots of water can help you stay full. Additionally, drink a glass of water every five to 10 bites. By following these tips, you can reverse holiday weight gain.

Second, remember that you’re only eating for one or two months during the holidays. A good rule of thumb is to eat as much as you need. Don’t skip meals. You’ll end up hungry and feel more tempted to eat more. Instead, eat smaller, but more frequent meals. Your body will thank you in the long run. You’ll be more motivated to make healthy choices throughout the holiday season.

Third, make sure you eat slowly. If you overeat, you’ll find it easier to stick to a meal plan if you don’t graze. You should also take a break from snacking between meals, especially when your diet is already on point. The stress of holiday eating can leave you feeling hungrier and unable to control your portions. This is not the time to start a new diet, so be aware of your food intake and eat a balanced, nutritious diet as soon as possible.

The best way to reverse holiday weight gain is to eat healthier. Most people will be surrounded by plenty of food and drink. A protein-rich meal can keep you from overeating. By limiting the amount of sweets and calorie-dense foods, you can reduce your risk of holiday weight. If you’re eating more than you should, try a diet that is low in calories and high in protein.

First, make sure you eat one big meal each day. Avoid grazing. If you graze, eat only one large meal a day. If you’re a heavy person, avoid snacking. In addition, try to avoid binge-eating and eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible. You should also limit your intake of fatty foods. However, if you graze, it’s best to eat at least one large meal each day.

Be sure to stay hydrated. Alcohol causes bloating. Staying hydrated is a great way to flush the extra sodium from the body. It will also help you feel full longer and avoid overeating. You should also stick to a healthy diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of fibre. In addition, eat a low-carb diet and add less oil.

Avoid the temptation to crash-diet. Often, you’re too preoccupied with your waistline and your weight to eat properly. You may skip a few meals to save some money for a big Christmas dinner. By limiting your portions, you’ll be able to eat more healthy meals throughout the year. This will help you lose weight quickly. If you have dietary restrictions, you should bring your own version of holiday favorites. While you’re at home, stay away from high-calorie foods. Keeping leftovers will only set you back.

You should eat plenty of protein during the holidays. You can easily get enough protein from non-fat Greek yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese. You can also buy casein and whey protein powder. Another good idea is to keep a close eye on your calorie intake. When the holidays come, it’s best to focus on your goals, not on your diet. You can still lose weight by working out regularly.