Great Ways to Get a Pouty Look

Want a Plumpier Pout? Here’s What you can Do

Deep in every woman’s heart is the wish to have lips that celebrities and models flaunt with so much of élan and style on the magazine covers and in the movies. But not everyone is endowed with a perfect pout. Of course, there are now some surgical ways with which you can get pouty. However, these are not completely fool proof and can be disastrous at times. They are also painful and come with their share of side effects.

So, what do you do to get that pout? There are some very easy ways in which you can actually give your lips a fuller look. Want to know what these are? Here are some ways in which you can get a pout.

Ways to Get a Pouty Look

Scrub your Lips

Did you know that lips that are chapped and flaky tend to look thinner? This happens because such lips do not reflect any light. So the first step to get that perfect pout is to scrub off the dead and chapped skin from your lips. You can either use a lip exfoliating scrub that is readily available in the shops. On the other hand, you can also make a natural scrub for your lips. Mix one table spoon of brown sugar with olive oil or honey to make a paste. Dab this scrub on your lips and then rub it on your lips using firm motions of your fingertips. Leave this on for about a minute and then clean your lips with a moist cloth. Doing this at least once a week will ensure that your lips stay smooth.

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Faking it with Concealer

It is not possible to enhance the size of your lips unless you are ready to go for artificial injections or surgery. However, you can make the onlookers believe that you have fuller lips with the help of a concealer. Dab concealer on your lips and then spread it a little outside the lip line. By doing this you can actually get a similar color as to the one in the lipstick tube which is usually not the case. This in turn will make your lips appear fuller.

Doing it with some Lip Gloss

Adding in some gloss to your lips will make them shimmer and give them a fuller look. So, when applying a lipstick to your lips, dab on some lip gloss in the center of your upper and lower lip. You can either use a shade that is closer to your lipstick shade or opt for a transparent one. When you dab this gloss on, you will find that your lips shine and reflect light and thus appear to have a pout.

Overdrawing with Lip Liner

It is true that using a lip liner can actually accentuate the shape of your lips. But, you can also use a lip liner to make your lips fuller. Instead of outlining your lips with a liner, draw a perfect outline around your lip line. Pick a liner that is the closest to your lip color. Fill in the lip color within this outline to get a natural pout.

Say No to Dark Shades

No matter how attractive they look, dark shades of lipsticks make your lips look thinner. So, if you want to get fuller lips, steer clear of all dark shades. Instead, opt for nude and pale shades as these would give a plump look to your lips.

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Mix and Match with Nude Colors

Using nude colors on the lips is not as boring as they seem to be. Mixing two nude shades of the lipsticks can actually give that pout you have been craving for. Apply a darker nude shade all over your lips. Now depending on the size of your lips, dab on some lighter nude shade onto the lip which is smaller. This means if you have a fuller upper lip apply the lighter shade on the lower lip and vice versa. Blend this in with a brush or your fingers and get that perfect pout.

Try out these techniques and you can surely get plumper lips like that the one you have been craving for. The truth is that most celebrities use these very techniques to get their famous pout.

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