Fake Health Insurance Policy


Fake Health Insurance Policies

Even without technology people have been conned into agreeing to various scams. But, his has only become worse with the improvement in technology. People are left confused about who to trust and how to know if they can be trusted as even certified insurance providers are scamming the people. Here are a few ways to know a fake health insurance plan from a real health-care plan!

How To Spot the Difference

1. Seems Too Good To Be True

In most cases when the health insurance policy seems too good to be true, it usually is! These type of websites will ask you to “simply fill out a form”, without asking you about your previous medical issues, current issues, and the premium will be unusually low with many benefits. Avoid these fake health insurance plans/ health insurance scams and report them when you come across one!

2. Persistent Phone Calls

Whether it is early in the morning or in the noon during your siesta or maybe even during your supper, they just can’t seem to leave you alone! You may get a call or a day or ten calls a day.

These callers may even claim to be calling from your insurance company asking you to provide your financial details for an “upgrade” in your policy (could also be life insurance fraud). DO NOT give your information. Ask for a callback number and check the number. Fake health insurance companies will not be able to provide you with a callback number as the call will then become traceable.

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3. Urging Salesman

We know that it is ever salesman’s job to persist until he succeeds but, if the salesman persistently urges you to “buy now” because the offer is “limited” on this low-cost health insurance plan, then be on your guard for it is most probably a fake health insurance scam.

He may even ask you for your financial details without giving you a whole idea of what the policy is about or what your insurance claims are (insurance claims fraud).

4. “Federal ID Not Required”

EVERY health insurance provider must be registered and must have a license by the government. If a health insurance company states that they don’t require a license then you can be assured that they are a fake health insurance company trying to con you with a health insurance fraud!

5. Not Enough Information

Whether it is calls, e-mails or an online website offering you an individual health insurance plan, private health insurance plan, family health insurance plan, a cheap health insurance policy or an affordable health insurance plan; if the company is avoiding answering your questions and not willing to give you full information until you sign up with them, then it is a fake health insurance provider.

6. Reaping Information Without A Policy

You may get a call telling you that there is a ‘special offer’ on today for a ‘medical insurance plan that you afford’. They will not provide you with any information but will instead tell you that you must provide certain classified information about yourself to reap this benefit.

Do Not give out your information as this is a fake health insurance company calling you. Immediately report the call as a scammer to the officials.

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7. Clean Website

When I say a clean website I do not mean an organized website. A clean website means that there will be little or no information on the website about the policy. It may even ask you to ‘join a group’ to get to more details.

Do not sign up anywhere as this is a fake health insurance website. You can check up the credentials about the website on the internet and can even report the web page as fraud if you think it might be a  scam.

Stay safe and aware at all times. Do not fall prey to these scamming artists!