Heavy Chemical Cosmetics Can Do This to Your Skin

Effects of Heavy Chemical Cosmetics –

Cosmetics claim to enhance feminine beauty at its best. Every last woman in the world secretly covets to have an appealing face. But there exists a dark side that speaks of the horrors that accidently emerge out due to the maladies of harmful chemical cosmetics. Many toxic chemicals like sulphates and phosphates contribute to the making of such defaming chemical cosmetics.

This regular exposure to countless toxic chemicals eventually leads to exhibition of damaging skin conditions. Failing to attend such facial problems may invite serious complications in the long run.

Let us have a glance at such adverse effects that occur due to the sustained use of heavy chemical cosmetics.

Skin Diseases and reactions

A large number of cosmetics available today are stuffed with blended chemicals. Regular usage of such ruinous cosmetics may lead to situations that are literarily devastating. Skin diseases and allergic reactions turn inevitable if the consumer is regularly addicted to such chemical cosmetics. Nowadays, Skin Cancer is a type of cancer that is not effortlessly curable. Upon penetration of such ugly diseases, the victim eventually becomes intolerant about the condition.

Susceptible to Allergic Reactions

In the current scenario, it is observed that most of the health issues due to using chemical cosmetics include severe allergic reactions. The ingredients of cosmetics and make-ups make people suffer from such outrageous reactions connected with allergies. Skin, face and hair are exposed to a fury of different make-up products like lipstick, mascaras, eyeliners, toners and others. Dark patches on skin, tender rashes and blemishes on skin are some conditions that grow under the influence of Salicylates, a primary compound present in major cosmetics.


You might have heard people saying that ‘your perfume is getting on my nerves’. It is factually proven that perfumes and certain cosmetics trigger headache and migraine attacks. Sudden weakness and fatigue episodes are the symptoms of cosmetic disorders. These chemicals react with the skin and invite dizziness and nausea in a cosmetic fanatic person. Researchers highly recommend wearing of perfumes only at significant occasions or events.


Another dreaded scourge in this list is depression. Doctors have often related cosmetics with mood swings and brain motor functionality. According to the conclusion of an initiative launched for discovering harmful cosmetic effects, it was clear that one’s social and professional life is tremendously affected by usage of chemical cosmetics that falsely claim of outputting hilarious results. Abnormal feelings and negative thoughts are said to occur due to wearing such artificial beauty products and make-ups.

Ageing problems

With prolonged usage of beautifying cosmetic products, creases, wrinkles and fine lines are observed to grow in number. People tend to grow older before age and lose confidence and recognition in society. Better consult an expert if you happen to perceive signs of premature ageing before coming of time. Always check the expiry date before buying any product and always assure that the product is genuinely earnest.

Eye Infections

Women who apply excess mascara to their eyes run short of eyelashes in a short span of time. The habit of wearing surplus make-up around the eyes calls for serious troubles which include irritation, stinging sensations redness etc. Eyes are the gateway to the soul and we should strive to protect them.

Mutilation to Reproductive organs

Inclusion of chemical cosmetics in a woman’s lifestyle plants a seed of risk and threat. Some researchers have predicted that chemical cosmetics are even likely to hinder the reproduction process in women. Enormous use of cosmetic products leads to the destruction of DNA of the reproductive cells and thereby severely affects multiplicative hormones. So if you are a consistent user, better stop using them now.

Always opt for high end cosmetic products and try and stick to the minimalistic usage even in that case.