Do vitamin C serum really work

In the world of skincare, vitamin C serum has earned its special place due to its outstanding beauty care benefits. Also, the research study “Role of Vitamin C in Skin Diseases” validate that,

“Normal, healthy skin requisite vitamin C in high concentrations for the synthesis of collagen, normal skin barrier functioning, cell growth, differentiation and reducing oxidative stress.”

Humans like many other vertebrates unable to synthesize vitamin C itself and therefore is needed in the form of fruits and vegetables like oranges, broccoli, kiwi, bananas, berries and papaya.

If you don’t take enough vitamin C on a regular basis, your body, as well as, skin can become vitamin C deficient. Moreover, extreme exposure to harmful sun rays lead to free-radical production on the skin. 

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a potent antioxidant, according to data published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal,

The exposure of UV rays leads to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS), which further starts the cascade repercussions and cause intense skin damage at the cellular level. The damage includes:

  • Alteration in skin proteins, including collagen
  • Skin gets inflamed 
  • Symptoms of photoageing start to appear, including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines
  • Skin becomes dull, saggy and lifeless

The skin needs topical vitamin C formulation such as vitamin C serum in adequate amounts to repair the damage and for further protection from UV and pollutant damage. Because vitamin C is equally efficient against UVA and UVB rays.

People also ask, how to get benefits of vitamin C for skin care?

Face Serum embedded with the richness of vitamin C i.e.  Derma Essentia Vitamin C serum.

Face Serums

Face serum is the innovative skincare product which is devised to liberate high concentrations of the skincare ingredient into the skin. Such ingredients are embedded in serum in the form of smaller molecules and thereby penetrate deeply into the skin. These apply after cleansing and before sunscreen and moisturizer.

So, without any doubts, if you are getting vitamin C in the form of a serum, it definitely works efficiently.

Scientific studies also govern the efficacy of topically applied vitamin C serum. As per one of the research,

“Implementation of 10% of topical vitamin C as a skin care product shows a statistical decline in 40 to 60% sunburn and 52% erythema”

But, how you can see that vitamin C serum really works or not?

For evaluating the vitamin C serum you are using works or not, observe these changes in your skin after religiously using your serum for approximately two to three months.

  1. Skin becomes more supple and firm

What makes our skin firm and supple?

Evidently collagen is a major protein required for healthy connective tissues. Vitamin C is an important component for collagen biosynthesis. Moreover, vitamin C not only aids in promoting collagen production but also improves the stabilization and cross-linking of collagen molecules.

With one voice, vitamin C serum helps to make skin supple and resilient.

  1. Skin complexion would become more even-toned

Another best way to find that vitamin C works or not, keep a keen eye on your skin complexion. Vitamin C is an astonishing depigmenting agent that really works on reducing melanin (skin pigment) production which helps to lighten the blemishes, dark spots, in this way reduces the skin unevenness, and make it even-toned and bright.

  1. There will be no signs of inflammation

Absolutely, you readout right. Vitamin C helps exceptionally in reducing inflammation because of its potent anti-inflammatory properties, thereby reduces the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and inflammatory lesions. This, on the whole, helps to diminish acne scars and redness of the skin.

  1. Wrinkles and fine lines start to vanish

Fewer fine lines and wrinkles, this is another sign that your vitamin C is working well.

Being an antioxidant, collagen enhancer and anti aging vitamin, vitamin C formulation is the best alternative to reduce the signs of ageing.

All in all, if your skin starts showing these changes, that means your vitamin C starts the proceedings to repair your skin.

But, how to get the most out of vitamin C serum?

By now, you must have learnt how a vitamin C serum works to provide a supple and healthy skin. But you must consider this important tip to get effective results.

Here is the tip!Make sure you are using vitamin C regularly and in proper means, only then it works well and efficiently. Do apply it two times everyday, as both morning and night. Because using this way the vitamin C serum can revitalize and repair the damaged skin cells. Also make a protective layer of broad spectrum suncreen around your skin to protect it from sun and pollution damage. By considering these things in mind, you are ready to get the maximum out of vitamin C serum.