15 Different Ways That You Can Impress a Girl!

Get The Girl!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and all you love-struck boys are probably wondering what you can do to make her yours, and even if she is already yours, perhaps you could use some points on how to impress a girl, especially if there’s some trouble on Cloud 9!


Here is a list of 15 different ways that you can impress a girl!

1. Don’t Hide Who You Are

The one thing that girls hate more than insects or a zit on the nose, is a guy faking being someone else just to impress a girl. Be yourself right from the start because eventually, at some point, she will find out about the real you!

Besides do you really want someone to love you for someone that you are not? I don’t think so!

15 Different Ways That You Can Impress a Girl!

2. “NEVER Put Baby In The Corner”

The classic line, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner,” delivered by Patrick Swayze in the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ (1987) ought to be a motto for every guy out that who is trying to impress a girl!

No girl likes it when a guy sidelines her. It doesn’t matter if it’s boys night out or if you’re in a remote area with no reception (highly exaggerating here), you NEVER ignore her. In fact, always put her in the limelight. Try and make everything about HER.

3. Be Patient And Understanding

It’s a universal fact that women are much more emotional than men. Just be patient with her and her multiple mood swings. She will eventually cool down and you won’t regret the decision to be patient then.

In the same way be as understanding as possible, most of the times she does not need advice, just someone to talk to and maybe a shoulder to cry on occasionally.

15 Different Ways That You Can Impress a Girl!

4. Surprise Her

No matter how much a girl says, “I don’t really like surprises,” trust me, she does! Take the time and effort to plan a cute little surprise for her. Whether it is just a little note in her bag , a bouquet of flowers delivered at home or Gift a Pet Dog(i.e know more about dogs on Why Do Pets), she will love it! Even something as telling her you can’t make it to the movies with her friends, and then showing up with a box of chocolates, will go a long way (and will earn you brownie points with her friends!)

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then take some time to go and surprise her. No one likes being alone on Valentine’s Day!

15 Different Ways That You Can Impress a Girl!

5. Don’t Play Hard-To-Get

You know how in all the ‘bad boy’ movies, the guys play that whole role of ‘hard to get’ and the girl falls head over heels? Sorry to break it to you boys but, that’s movie life! In reality, she would just get annoyed and walk away from that drama. Girls have enough drama in life without yours.

But, should she actually stick around with you after that whole act, I suggest you thank your lucky stars and don’t take advantage of that feeling. There is only so much drama that even the ‘Queens of Drama’ can take!

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6. Treat Her Like A Lady

So she’s a feminist and says, “Why do guys have to open doors? Why do guys have to pay the bills?” Do it anyway. These small things have nothing to do with equality, these are purely ways to show that you care and that you want to take care of her.

Even the most independent of women like to be taken care of by someone else, at least once in awhile.

7. Morning Messages

Nothing is more satisfying to a girl than a cute little morning message from that special someone. Even if you’re married, or living with your partner, a ‘Good Morning beautiful’ is always much more welcomed than a long boring snore or the general ‘hmm, five minutes.’

Besides, to impress a girl, you need to keep her happy at all times! This little message might just make her day all the better!

8. Sweet Nothings

She might oppose to you calling her ‘baby’ or ‘love’ or ‘honey’ initially, but, it will soon grow on her. One day, if you should call her by her name, she might even ask you what happened to the ‘love’ and ‘baby’?

And, should you reach that level where you now say the ‘L’ word to each other, then make sure you say it every day so that she knows she is loved!

9. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

15 Different Ways That You Can Impress a Girl!

Always remember that whispering sweet nothings in her ear and calling her your ‘koo-che-koo’ is not enough. You need to show her that you mean what you say. Be there for her when she needs you the most and show her that you’re making an effort to be the best ‘you’ for her!

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10. HUGS!!

It is a known fact that hugs decrease feelings of loneliness, depression and fear, and increases the feeling of appreciation and self-esteem! Besides, who doesn’t love being hugged by that special someone?

15 Different Ways That You Can Impress a Girl!

11. Food

 ‘A way to a man’s heart is through his belly’ no longer applies to just men! Yes, women LOVE food. Don’t judge them when they eat and most definitely, DO NOT keep a count of how many calories she eats!

While the majority of women like ice cream and chocolates, they can not survive on just that! Take her out for a meal, it may be pasta in a fancy restaurant, or it maybe pizza at the local joint, it depends on they type of girl she is! That’s for you to find out!

12. Trust Her

If you can’t trust her, then there is no way you can impress a girl! Trust what she says and listen to her. A romance will never become anything more if you do not trust her.

Sure, she has many guy friends (you don’t have to trust them) but, as long as you can show her that you trust her, it’s all good!

13. Protective But Not Too Protective

Girls love it when you call to see if she’s reached her destination, especially when she’s alone. They like it when you message during the day to check on whether they have eaten or not.

What girls do not like is when you want to know who they’re talking to and what they’re talking about. Or why they haven’t reached as yet when they’re 20 seconds later than usual!

Being overprotective can mean that you do not trust her while being under protective shows that you just do not care!

14. Be Confident

A nervous guy is cute at first but, it can become highly annoying in the latter stages. If you want to impress a girl, be confident. DO NOT be overconfident, as girls consider that to be a HUGE put-off about any guy. Being overly confident can make you appear highly narcissistic (self-obsessed) and no one likes that! Maintain a good Posture

Be confident , make things about her. It will make her feel safe and wanted!

15. Compliment Her

15 Different Ways That You Can Impress a Girl!

This is the Golden Rule to impress a girl! Gone are the days of people saying, ‘He threw sand in your hair because he likes you!’ That just does not work anymore.

If you want to impress a girl, compliment her! This will boost her ego and make her more confident about herself. After all, relationships are supposed to help build each other, not bring them down!

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