Dear Dairy: Using Dairy Products as Hair Growth Conditioner

Are you lazy of tending to your dry and frizzy locks every time you leave your abode? Or is your current hair conditioner not doing its job well? If your answers are “yes,” you may want to try using dairy products to treat and condition your damaged hair.

Most households use dairy products in their everyday meals, from breakfast to midnight snacks. These food sources come from mammals’ milk; you can get it from cows, goats, buffaloes, and even humans. They are not only rich in calcium (for bone formation and strength), but they do have particular nutrients that can help solve your hair’s poor-quality problem.

Many dairy products can be alternative hair growth conditioners. Get to know some of your kitchen’s dairy staples that you can use to repair your tresses. 


Three Dairy Products You Can Use as Natural Hair Growth Conditioner

Below is a list of dairy products that you can apply to your hair as natural hair growth conditioners.

1. Dairy Milk

Milk conditioning is a prevalent hair treatment that you can do even in the comfort of your home. Not only does it rehydrate your tresses, but it is also a very potent source of fatty acids that help restructure your hair strands while strengthening them. Dairy milk is also loaded with lactic acid that helps maintain your hair’s healthy surroundings, thanks to its antibacterial qualities. Lactic acid is also a significant pH balancer, giving your strands natural luster and bounciness.

Using dairy milk as a natural hair conditioner can weigh your hair down, but you’ll be able to achieve a smoother, softer, and straighter hair that you’ve always wanted. To reap milk’s conditioning benefits, you can soak your hair in a tub full of milk, use it as a hair rinse, or mix it with your customized hair mask mixture.

2. Yogurt

Natural yogurt is a by-product of fermented dairy milk. Unlike whole or low-fat milk, yogurt tastes sour and has a lesser fat content. However, it’s still considered an effective ingredient for deep conditioning treatments since it has probiotics that can help cleanse your scalp while protecting and moisturizing your skin barrier. Like dairy milk, yogurt is rich in proteins that also preserve your hair’s healthy structure and texture. 

Yogurt is best used as a primary ingredient in your hair mask concoctions. You can add other constituents such as honey and essential oils. Then, slather your yogurt hair mask mixture on your hair and scalp and leave it for at least 30 minutes to ensure deep nourishment.

3. Cheese

Considered an uncommon moisturizing agent, cheese can also be used to nourish your weary locks. Cheese is also your other go-to source of protein for hair growth and maintenance. It also contains vitamin B7 or biotin, a special vitamin that stimulates hair follicle growth, thereby increasing hair density and hair count.

However, you have to check the sodium level of the cheese product. Too much sodium can build up and clog your pores, which can hamper hair follicle nourishment. It would also be best to use fresh cheese since it is rich in moisture content, which helps moisturize your hair. You can include sliced or ground cheese in your hair mask paste for additional moisture and protein content.

Enjoy a Frizz-free and Healthy-looking Hair by Using Dairy Products.

Moisturizing your locks is a vital part of your hair care routine. By deeply conditioning your hair with dairy products, you can nourish your mane with the necessary hair growth nutrients while enhancing your hair’s pliability, sheen, and thickness. However, it would be much better to apply your favorite hair growth conditioner supplemented by your homemade dairy hair masks to get the healthiest locks you’ll ever have.