Dazzling Eye Make up Trends


Eye Make Up: Trends for 2019-20

Your eyes speak volumes about you, literally. This is one of the main reasons why fashion gurus and makeup experts give so much importance to the way eyes are showcased to the world. Just like the fashion changes with every changing season, so do the makeup trends with eye makeup. After all, just a touch of a liner can transform your entire look.

With winters already here, makeup experts have been brainstorming as to what the latest eye makeup trends for the holiday season and the New Year are. So, if you have been waiting for the latest trends to be revealed, read on to find out what those are.

Here are the suggested eye makeup trends for 2019-20.

Eye Makeup Trends for 2019-20

Eye Shadow Trends

Beauty and makeup experts believe that the upper eyelid should actually be treated as a blank canvas into which you can fill in any colors you like. Dab a liberal amount of eye shadow on your upper lid and work it in to get that smoky look. Smokey is in these days. Keep to shades of black and brown for the day. However when it comes to party and some fun, feel free to experiment with colors like blue, green, violet and metallic shades. Want to go for a more daring look? Well, a new eye shadow shade that is catching up real fast is the white color. Just dab it on to your upper lids and line your lower lids with liner. This is sure to make some heads turn this holiday season.

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Eye Liner Trends

This is the one thing that is vouched by those who like the bare minimum look. Eyeliner can completely alter your look and give your eyes a celestial appeal. When it comes to the eye liner trends for 2019-20, the most important and popular one is the double winged look. This means lining both the lids with an identical eye liner, preferably black and ending these with two separate wings. You can actually separate the two lines with a white liner for a more distinguished look. Shimmery blues and greens are the next best thing for the ones who want to give that daring look to all and sundry. A thin underline and a naked upper lid is also a trend that is catching up fast. In case you are bored of the conventional black eye liner, opt for burgundy or brown that looks just as good.

Mascara Trends

A dab of mascara is all that you need to open up your eyes and to make them look brighter. Also, mascara adds a glistening effect to your lashes. So, don’t forget to treat your eyelashes to some mascara before leaving the house. Go for the more conventional black mascara during the day and for work. Feel free to experiment with mascara shades of blue, brown and plum for the nights.

Eyebrow Trends

There is no denying the fact that shaping up your eyebrows can miraculously change the way you look. The beauty experts believe that the eyebrow trend for 2019-20 should be a tad different from all the others. So they suggest longer and thinner eyebrows. In case, your eyebrows are not very dense, a touch of an eyebrow pencil would suffice.

In case, you are not much of a makeup person or don’t have enough time for intense makeup routine, just dab on some kohl to the lower eyelid and you would look as ravishing as ever. These are some of the makeup trends that have been earmarked by the fashion gurus for the year 2019-20. However, when it comes to experimenting with makeup, sky is the limit. So, if you have some other ideas and the confidence to don them, go ahead and try them out.

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