St. Patrick’s Day Celebrating with Élan

St. Patrick’s Day is here and the whole world is getting ready to celebrate this day of Irish essence with lots of enthusiasm. This is the day which commemorates the feast that was especially held for most loved saint of Ireland – St. Patrick.

With green being the color of this day, people all over the literally go green on this day. From green clothes to green wigs and shamrock adorned hats, you can do a lot of things to symbolize the fact that you share the excitement of this festival.

However, this is something that everyone does. So, if you don’t want to be a part of the crowd but want to celebrate this day in your own unique day, here are some fun ideas that will help you celebrate this day in your own special way.

Doing it with Nails

Every wears green on St. Patrick’s Day. You can be a tad different and go ahead and paint your nails green. Embellish these with glittery shamrock stickers to get into the mood of the festivities. You can even go a step ahead and paint one of your nails in the color of the Irish National flag. Ask one of your friends to do up your nails or just get some professional help.

Go Green with Eyes

Alter your makeup a wee bit for this special day. Instead of going for the tried and tested shades for the eyes, go ahead and color your eyes green. From eye shadow to eye liner, let everything be a shade of green. You can accentuate your eyes better with some glitters. Complete the look by sticking on a green stone on the outer edge of your eyes.

Get an Irish Tattoo

Well, getting a tattoo for one day may seem a bit too bizarre. But, don’t worry. You don’t need to get a permanent one. Just get a temporary Irish tattoo, with green being the prominent color and some shamrocks thrown in for effect. In case you are just not in for the temporary idea either, you can easily find an Irish tattoo sleeve in a fashion store. Just don these over your arms to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style.

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Put on Some Guinness

beer gunni

If you have been celebrating St. Patrick’s for long, the importance of Guinness beer on this day would not be lost on you. You can see hordes of people swigging down the drink and ending up surrounded in its aroma. However, you can further add a touch of Guinness by dabbing on some Guinness after shave or sugar polish.

Go Irish in your Speech

Since St. Patrick’s is all about Ireland and being Irish, you can actually capture the true essence of this day by incorporating the local slang into your language. Go ahead and try out the different ways in which the people of Ireland generally greet each other. Take some hint from your Irish friends.

Design a Leprechaun Hat

There is no celebrating St. Patrick’s Day if you don’t have a Leprechaun hat. However, you don’t really need to go shopping for it. You can make it yourself within no time. All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, green and black paper, some gold buttons, glue and scissors. Take the toilet paper and cover it with green paper. Now cut out a circle from the green paper. This would form the base of the hat. Stick on the toilet roll onto this. Now cut out a strip of black paper and stick it to the base of the toilet roll. Stick on some gold buttons around the black paper to form a square. Voila! Your hat is ready.

Other than these you can make some pasta with pesto sauce for dinner to commemorate the day. So, go ahead and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!!