Caring for your Eyelids to keep them Healthy

Eyes are the first thing that anybody notices about you. Most times, we fail to give proper care to the most important organs that give vision. And when it comes to eyes, they are the most ignored. The skin around the eyes which when compared to other parts, is very thin and delicate. Your eyelids tend to show first signs of age and ill health. So, it is very important that you put in some extra effort when caring for them.

Caring for your eyelids properly will keep them healthy and in turn will give your eyes a healthy, fresh and young look. Here are some tips on how you can keep them healthy.


How to have Healthier Eyelids

Eyelid Scrubs

You might be using a facial scrub to remove dirt, grime, oil and dead skin that is deposited on the skin and to make it look fresh. Similarly, using an eyelid scrub can help you to get rid of the debris, tissue build up and oils around the eyelids. Doing this ensures better functioning of the glands in the eyelids and keeps them healthy. There are many eyelid scrubs available in the market. However, you can use these only under medical supervision. In case, you want to try out something safer and chemical free, use a mild solution, like a baby shampoo to clean . You can apply this directly around your eyelids or dilute it with some water. Use your hands, an ear bud or a soft wash cloth to apply the shampoo to your lids. Make sure that the shampoo does not get into your eyes.

Antioxidants Vitamins

Due to heavy pollution, there are free radicals all around you. These free radicals can wreak havoc in your cells and damage them. Your eyelids being extremely delicate are prone to such cell damage. However, vitamins rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin D can actually destroy these free radicals and prevent cell damage. So, it would be a good idea to consume a diet rich in these vitamins. You can also apply some eye creams containing these vitamins to your eyelids.


Just like your body, your eyelids also need to be moisturised. In fact, they need extra care. Make sure that you moisturise your eyelids properly, especially after a shower and every time you wash your face. Moisturizers containing peptides and sodium hyaluronate are best suited to hydrate the skin around the eyes.

Herbal Extracts

You must have heard that herbal extracts and green tea are extremely beneficial for your overall health. This holds true for your eyelids too. Drinking chamomile tea can actually work wonders for your eyelids. Place the used chamomile tea bag over your eyelids to gain better results. You can also place cotton pads dipped in rose water or corn flour and slices of potato or cucumber, to make the skin around your eyes look young and healthy.

Handle with Care

Since they are very delicate, you need to handle them with a lot of care. While applying or removing makeup, do not to apply too much pressure. Use a cotton ball to remove the makeup. Make sure that you use only those products that are specially formulated for your eyelids.

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Protect from Sun

The harmful UV rays of the suns can damage the skin around your eyes. Thus, it is important that you apply a good sunscreen with high SPF to protect your eyes. It would also be a good idea to wear sunglasses to avoid squinting, as this causes wrinkles.

For your eyelids to stay healthy, you need to get enough rest. You should also drink lots of water so that your skin is properly hydrated. Using low quality makeup around your eyes could also have an adverse affect on your eyelids. So, make sure that you care for this delicate part of your skin with utmost care, to keep them healthy and young looking.