It is very difficult to calm the busyness of our minds in the world that we live in today. Staying positive and being aware is almost an impossible task to achieve in our day-to-day activities. This is where Bhakti yoga comes in. It is a devotion that provides a means for overall mental and physical wellness by giving a dynamic perspective on the way we see and live life.


Bhakti is a Sanskrit word that is derived from the word “bhaji,” which means to adore or worship God. It focuses on union through devotion and love. It is popularly referred to as “loving for the sake of love.” Just like any other genre of yoga, Bhakti yoga focuses on providing a path to self-realization. The aim is to arrive at a destination to attain oneness with everything.

Research shows that the optimal destination of Bhakti yoga is surrendering to your inner self as divine. This is achieved by concentrating your emotions, divine senses, and mind.

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Devotion is not usually aimed toward a guru, a god robed in white linen, or a Hindu deity in our world today. Western yogis focus more on connecting with a general idea of the Beloved, the Spirit, the Self, the Source, or the Divine. There is more liberty for individuals to feel who they believe God is. To a lot of Western yogis, the meaning of Bhakti is anything that strikes and motivates your heart to feel the essence of love.

They believe that one’s senses begin to develop naturally to trust the benevolence and the wisdom that the universe provides by connecting with the love of the universe. This will help relax and build positive energy, which is then channeled towards others. It is about connecting, feeling, and giving love.

People generally believe that the reason for the growth in Bhakti yoga’s popularity is its approach. Most people believe that it is the best and more enjoyable as compared to other yoga practices. It helps to connect the mind and body together, much like Steroidsfax.

In America, yoga was first seen as a means of keeping fit. However, as time has continued, people have begun exploring its other aspects of devotion and love.


Bhakti yoga is considered to be one of the six most revered approaches of yoga throughout history. These six yoga systems are revered because of their approach to leading people to complete awareness of who they are. One of the remaining six revered yoga systems is Hatha yoga, which focuses on transforming the consciousness of an individual using an approach that starts with the body.

In some cases, some yogis from the Western world only dabble in Bhakti yoga. They do this occasionally when praying or doing the Kirtan. However, the committed Bhakti yogis practice it to connect with the Divine.

Total surrender and dedication are needed to effectively benefit from Bhakti yoga as a path of devotion. Its flexibility allows individuals to connect through whatever process they believe in.

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