Best Foods That Induce Sleep

There is no substitute for good sleep which is why doctors and health experts recommend that one should sleep for at least 8 hours a day. However, the increasing stress in our lives is proving to have an adverse effect on sleep. A lot of people complain about finding it hard to fall asleep or going into a deep slumber.

There are a number of sleep inducing medicines which are prescribed by medical practitioners in dire situations. However these are habit forming and not highly recommended. So, if you are looking for some natural ways to fall asleep and that too into a deep, undisturbed sleep, it would be a good idea to try some sleep inducing foods. Want to know what these are? Here are some of the best foods that induce sleep.


Best Foods that Induce Sleep

1. Dairy Foods

Your mother might have told you a number of times that having a warm cup of milk at night can help you get to sleep easily. Well, the truth is that not just milk but all dairy products have the tendency to induce sleep. These products contain tryptophan which is an important amino acid. This increases the amount of serotonin and melatonin in the body that are considered to be sleep inducers. Also, lack of calcium in the body can also cause sleep disruption. Since dairy products are rich source of calcium, consuming these will take care of this deficiency. So, go ahead and have some form of dairy product before hitting the sack, be it milk, yoghurt or cheese.


It is true that oats is an ideal healthy breakfast. However, one of the lesser known facts about oats is that it is a rich source of melatonin – a hormone that induces sleep. When combined with milk, your body would also get a good dose of tryptophan that would further enhance the sleep inducing process. So, if you are finding it really hard to get to sleep, try having a bowl of oatmeal in milk. It will surely lull you to sleep.

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Other than being a healthy substitute for sugar, honey is also said to have sleep inducing powers. The truth is that honey contains glucose that signals the brain to stop the supply of Orexin. This is a substance that keeps your body and mind alert and prevent it from dozing off. So, once the supply of this substance is stopped, your mind and body go into the relaxation mode and finally fall asleep. So, take a teaspoon of honey before going to bed every night. However make sure not to overdo it.


When it comes to the traditional black tea, the caffeine present in it can kill your sleep. So, if you really like to drink something before going to bed, opt for a cup of green tea. It is believed that green tea not only acts as an antioxidant but also has sleep inducing powers as it contains melatonin. Some of the best green tea flavors that known to induce sleep are chamomile tea, lemon balm tea and passion flower tea.


This delicious and sweet fruit contains potassium and magnesium. These minerals work to relax the muscles and nerves and thereby help in putting the body and mind to rest. Also, it contains Vitamin B6 which has the ability to convert the tryptophan in your body into the sleep inducing serotonin and melatonin.

Dark chocolate, cherries, almonds and walnuts are also some other food items that can help you to get to sleep quickly. So, try these out and let the sleep take you over.

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