5 Lessons/Things About Clean Beauty You Need to Learn Before You Hit 40

It seems like cosmetic developers never sleep with all the products they continually churn out for eager customers to try. It’s always exciting to see a favorite cosmetic industry brand release something new that promises to benefit your skin, leaving it radiant and supple. Still, you might wonder if each hydration serum or toner is the magic bullet advertising suggests. 

If you’re interested in trying out a new serum for hydration, sunscreen, eye cream, or anything else, you probably want to learn more about them first to determine whether they’re worth the investment. Here are four beauty products that are worth giving a try to mix up your skincare routine and feel more vibrant and confident each day. 


1. An Anti-Aging Satin Pillow  

There is a broad field of soft, satiny pillows awaiting your purchase, making it difficult to choose only one. The best anti-aging pillow for you might depend on several factors such as whether you are a side-sleeper or you need some extra head, neck, and shoulder support while you sleep. Outside of the basics of its fit for your body, search for a satin pillow that helps prevent bedhead and premature aging with ingredients that might include proteins, amino acids, copper, or bamboo.

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2. Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum 

After a long rough winter, it’s time to discover the many hydrating face serum benefits that await you with the right product. The Active Hydration Serum from Rodan + Fields is the one to try with the power to boost your skin’s hydration levels by 200%. This hydrating serum prevents the usual day-in, day-out moisture loss that most individuals experience, leaving your skin looking dry and dull. With this impressive hydrating serum, your skin will look and feel fresh from morning to night.

3. Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo 

Now that COVID restrictions are lifting, you might plan to return to your gym or spend more time there during work lunch breaks or right after work. In either case, dry shampoo helps to freshen up your sweat-dampened scalp, and Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo is a perfect choice. There are several imitation brands out there that cost a little less, but Moroccan Oil is a step above and worth spending extra for the quality. Additionally, the brand offers two shades for light and dark hair, but best of all, Moroccan Oil absorbs oils and dampness, leaving your hair refreshed and full of shine and luster. 

4. Snif Collection 2 Perfume Set

Before you consider arguing, the sense of smell or scent is often a powerful component of beauty. Think about your favorite flowers or the fresh scent when you step out of the shower. For many people, such moments create a deep feeling of beauty. Building up a nose for fragrances takes time, and so does building your collection. It’s worth it to create a go-to shelf full of your favorite florals or refreshing citruses. The Snif Collection 2 puts you on the fast track to olfactory heaven, featuring unique scents like Sweet Ash and Poppy Issues. Scents run from sweet and musky to floral and citrusy and more. 

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Products You Won’t Regret Investing in 

While you might feel overwhelmed by the number of high-quality products available to you right now, take heart that the ones included here offer you something special for different facets of your beauty regimen. Keep your hair fresh and lustrous after physical workouts, your hair and skin protected while you rest your head each night, your fragrance uniquely developed to your taste, and your skin hydrated to help you look and feel luminous all day.