All the Important Faqs About Coloured and Regular Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become a fashion statement lately around the world. The use of contact lenses for vision correction has increased significantly as people can correct their vision without changing anything about their appearance. Or they can even make themselves appear more attractive with eye and appearance enhancing coloured lenses.

But it doesn’t stop here, you could say that all that was just half the story. Contact lenses have been used for decorating your appearance like the eye contacts for Halloween contact lenses and cosplay contact lenses. These are special effect contact lenses that are made to provide you a special appearance for a specific event.

While these contact lenses are growing in popularity and demand, on the other hand the questions regarding these contact lenses are growing also. People are more concerned about Halloween contact lenses and other coloured contact lenses. While there are some other newbies who are not even convinced by simple regular contact lenses.

There is nothing wrong in asking questions regarding contact lenses. It is better to know about everything you are going to use, especially anything you are going to wear on your eyes. That is why I think it is better to explain everything right here sop you can understand everything about coloured contact lenses.


So Why Coloured Contact Lenses?

While the use of eyeglasses is not going anywhere anytime soon, but more and more people are switching to eye contact lenses. Whether it is for fashion or just for vision correction purposes, they are growing in use. Eye contact lenses have proven to be a great alternative to eyeglasses. You can correct your vision and still look the same or even enhance your appearance with coloured contact lenses. These lenses also allowed you to keep them on your eyes, with the help of technology, even in intense sports and workout routines.

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How Many Types of Contact Lenses Are There?

  • Soft contact lenses – Firstly, there are the soft lenses that are made of silicone hydrogel, a plastic. These are very soft and convenient to wear on the eyes. They are mostly Halloween and cosplay contact lenses
  • Hard contact lenses – Hard contact lenses or RGP (rigid gas permeable) contact lenses are much harder lenses made of glass. So they are more durable and long lasting. With advancement in technology they also provide more provision for oxygen.
  • Daily disposable – These are mostly soft contact lenses that can only be used for a day or one time and then thrown away. They are mostly Halloween and cosplay contact lenses
  •  Disposable (weekly/fortnightly) – They can be used for a week or two depending on the brand. They require proper care and handling to be useable for their lifespan
  •  Coloured disposable (weekly/fortnightly) – the same as weekly disposable. It is just that they have coloured tints on them
  •  Thirty-day Continuous Wear – These are also called extended contact lenses that can be worn for 30 days continuous or even more. You can wear them while sleeping.

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Are Contacts Good for My Eyes? Are They Safe?

Contact lenses of every kind should be perfectly safe for use if you handle them properly and if you are cautious with the purchase of these lenses.

Contact lenses of any kind, such as Halloween contact lenses or cosplay contact lenses are regarded as medical devices. For that reason, you must get a prescription from a doctor before you can buy them. Secondly, you need to buy from a trustworthy and reputable brand or online store in order to get your hands on quality product.

Then, after buying your lenses, you need to be careful with the handling. Never touch your lenses without washing your hands. Never share your lenses. Always clean them before putting them in your eyes with the disinfectant solution and also after using them. Do not use them beyond their expiry date.

Are Contacts Hard to Take Care Of?

Care and maintenance of lenses depend and vary with their types of contact lenses.

  • Daily disposable soft lenses – These are the easiest to take care. Every day you use a fresh pair and then dispose them of. You do not need to clean them or maintain them every time after use.
  • Other disposable soft lenses – These are used for weekly or two weekly. For that you need to maintain them and take care of them carefully. Wash them with the solution every time after use and put them safely in the case with the solution.
  • Extended contact lenses– These are the same as weekly disposable lenses

Can I Sleep While Wearing My Contact Lenses?

Yes you can but only with the extended contact lenses. If you are using disposable contact lenses then you cannot wear them for the night when you go to sleep. That would be extremely unhealthy. Extended contact lenses are designed such that you can wear them continuously for 30 days or more.

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