Winter Hats
Winter Hats

With so many hats to choose from, how do you know which options are best for cold weather? Let’s take a look at a few different types of winter hats that will be warm and stylish for ladies this winter. Put together by a producer of Black women hats, one of the following hats is sure to keep you cozy while helping you look great!



A beret is hardly the warmest winter hat, but it can be a stylish addition to your cold-weather outfit. Berets will work for more moderate winter climates, however! When you’re not worried about keeping your ears warm, a beret can add a nice touch of color to an outfit or a great accessory to what you’ve already got going on.

Choose a beret you can wear with multiple outfits, and make sure to pin it in place if you want that casual about-to-fall-off look! 

Fur Hats

A fur hat, or Cossack, is at the opposite end of the warmth spectrum. These fuzzy hats can keep your ears and head extremely warm when it comes to colder weather. If you live in an extremely cold climate, a fur hat can be a stylish addition to your favorite heavy winter coat and snow boots. 

These faux-fur hats come in a variety of different colors, styles, and even sizes. You can wear a smaller fur-type hat if you aren’t into the entire piece, but the fur itself is going to give you the most protection against the cold. Pair this hat with a puffer coat, a long, warm coat, and boots with fur tops for the best effect. 

Bucket Hats

A bucket hat isn’t inherently warm on its own, but you can find winter bucket hats that work well to keep your head and ears warm. The concept of the bucket hat is simple: a hat with a brim that you can pull down over your ears. The bucket hat covers your entire head. It’s a cute addition to your winter wear. 

Most bucket hats are spring-type hats, but some winter bucket hats include fur or other warming material in the body of the hat.


Beanies are the essential winter hat for ladies. With so many different ways to style a beanie, it’s a versatile and cute way to keep your head warm in the colder months. You can choose a knit beanie, a beanie with a logo, a slouch beanie, or even a beanie with a pom on top for that extra bit of whimsy.

When you wear a beanie, you can do your hair in so many different fun ways. Pull it down over your ears or cuff the bottom of the hat for different looks. Go with a soft, neutral color that will go with anything!

Trapper Hats

A trapper hat is the first thing many people may think of when it comes to a ‘winter’ hat. These hats with ear flaps can be warm salvation for your ears during those cold winter months. They were originally used by trappers in colder climes, but now they can be a fashion statement! There are so many cute trapper hats on the market today that you’ll have no problem finding one to match your style or your favorite coat!

The benefit of the trapper hat is the tie that holds the ear flaps down over your ears. If you aim to stay fashionable but live somewhere extremely cold, a trapper hat may be the perfect solution to keep you warm. 

Fleece Hats

A fleece hat is a lesser-known derivative of the beanie, but instead of being made of stretchy knitted material, it’s a few fleece panels with extra warm backing. These hats are usually great for short periods of exposure to cold temperatures. They can come in a variety of different styles and colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits in your wardrobe! 


There are a lot of winter hats available for ladies, but these are just some of the most stylish options for you. Mix up styles and choose a hat that works perfectly with your hairstyle. Change it up and stay warm during the winter with these 6 types of winter hats for ladies!