If you’re going to be outdoors this summer, playing in the water and enjoying some humid heat, then you’ll need a strong waterproof mascara in your makeup bag. Mascara highlights the eyes and makes your lashes look incredible, but the regular kind tends to run if you get it wet with tears, humidity, or water. Waterproof mascara will help you avoid that drowned raccoon look this summer. Here are five of our favorite waterproof mascaras on Mira right now.


#1. Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara by L’Oreal

This eye-opening mascara gives you the length, volume, and curl you need to create the perfect doe-eyed look for summer. According to L’Oreal, 7 out of 10 women surveyed agreed it opens the eyes and doesn’t clump. The Bambi Eye Waterproof Mascara provides a long-lasting look that holds up even at the pool.

#2. “The Makeup” Nourishing Mascara Base by Shiseido

This clear waterproof mascara base gives you a volumizing curl that lasts all day under the hot summer sun. “The Makeup” is a mascara base meaning you put it on before you apply your darker mascara. It helps mascara last longer even under intense heat or an ocean spray. Shiseido is known for its healthy Japanese ingredients that won’t harm your lashes.

#3. High Volume Mascara from Trish McEvoy

This revolutionary waterproof mascara creates a tube around each individual lash and dries instantly so it won’t smear. Not only is it waterproof but it can last up to 24 hours while still looking fresh. Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara is well known for staying power. Customer reviews also indicate that this mascara is great for adding length to your lashes.

#4. DÉFINICILS – High Definition Mascara by Lancôme

Lancôme knocks it out of the park, or pool, with this waterproof mascara that separates and lengthens lashes without smudging. Carefully chosen ingredients are credited for DÉFINICILS intense staying power with a waterproof formula that stays on even when the summer sun makes you sweat.

#5. Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil by Too Faced

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a way to remove your waterproof mascara at the end of the day. It’s important to clean off your makeup for healthy skin and to protect your eyes. The Too Faced Mascara Melt Off Cleansing Oil will take off your mascara without rubbing or tugging at the eyes. It’s also infused with green tea extract to protect the lashes.

If you don’t want to be washing your face and reapplying your mascara several times a day this summer, then one of these waterproof mascaras is a must-have. Otherwise, one dip in the pool will give you rings around the eyes and make you look as though you’ve been ugly crying instead of having a great time with your best pals in the sun. Since waterproof mascaras have gotten a bad rep for being too thick or clumpy, stick to one of the tried and true mascaras on this list for easy to apply results. 

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