4 Reasons Why Women Need to Buy a Makeup Remover

After a stressful day at work or university, it is common to find yourself unable to wait any longer to crash on the bed. There’s no debate on how the feeling is heavenly. But with that one thought of the face makeup still left behind you exit from the paradise you were in. After all, it is not suitable for your skin to keep wearing cosmetics and chemicals even while sleeping. 

Sleeping with makeup can cause extensive damage that might not start appearing overnight but eventually will. You need to double cleanse skin, no matter how tempting it is to sleep with layers of foundation, blush, and eyeliners on the face. 

Now, there’s a catch. A lot of women use regular face wash products to remove makeup. It is not a good idea because only a proper makeup remover can deep-cleanse the face. The reasons are mentioned below –


Face Wash can Lead to Breakouts

The assumption that the face wash product will do the job of a makeup remover is wrong because it fails to go deep inside the pores and remove dirt and oil thoroughly. The skin’s surface might look clear, but the accumulated materials will remain as is. To avoid clogged pores and breakouts all over the face, choose the right product to remove cosmetics remnants from the face.

Make Skin Look Vibrant

A good night’s sleep is essential to give the skin time to renew and repair itself overnight. Sleeping with makeup will act as a barrier to this natural process. Eventually, the skin will become dull, itchy, and rough.

Delay the Aging Process

Aging is a natural process, and even the best beauty products in the world cannot stop that. However, one can prevent doing things that speed up the process. 

For example, leaving makeup overnight on the skin will age the skin faster. That is because the skin is constantly exposed to free radicals and oxidative stressors during the day. These work together in breaking down collagen, which results in the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Using a proper cosmetics remover cleanser is the only way to prevent this from happening. 

Protect Skin from Drying 

Irrespective of whether a person has dry or oily skin, leaving makeup overnight or not removing it properly might make the skin dry. It is primarily a result of the accumulation of leftover residue on the face. The residue blocks the skin pores and prevents the skin from rejuvenating overnight. Even using moisturizers won’t affect your ability to penetrate the skin.

This might change when you buy a decent makeup remover. Trusted products remove the chemicals from the face and moisturize it to make it softer.

Also, choosing to use a face wash to remove makeup at night might make the skin drier. After all, most face wash products have chemicals that target eradicating excessive oil and dirt from the skin. Making the skin dry is not the ideal thing to do at night before sleeping.

Final Thoughts

One needs to double cleanse skin before dozing off to ensure the skin rejuvenates itself throughout the night. While choosing a trusted makeup remover, make sure the product is okay for your skin. Those with sensitive skin should consult their skin specialists before applying anything.